Thursday, October 22, 2015

TT: Same Subject, Different Times and Angles, Same Silly Girl

Theme Thursday Oct Nov

I didn't have anything around here inspiring me to try different angles and light with, except the chair on the back porch. Since we stained the house, I have been thinking of painting the chair set, maybe black.

So it isn't exactly the same photo shot from different angles, it is the same subject shot different times of day. I like the natural color changes of the wall with the light as the day goes on.

Lilly is a natural actress, with a flare for drama. She said she wasn't mad in the photos, just deep thinking and in the last ones she isn't eating, she is using the fork for a microphone while she sings her made up songs. If not singing, she is usually talking which explains why the mouth is always in motion. She also changes her clothes many times a day.

Morning: Overcast, bright light 


f 3.5 1/200 ISO 100 50 mm lens

 Lunch time, still ovecast
f/5 1/80 ISO 100  70 mm lens

Late afternoon, sun behind house, peaking over.

f 2.8 1/100 ISO 6400

Early dusk 
Still light out.
f 2.8 1.60 ISO 5000

 Completely dark outside, slight moon. 
Light source from new light by back door, makes me think of a truth telling chair. It washes out Lilly but makes the chair look interesting.
It makes Lilly feel like the spot light is on her on stage.

f 2.8 1/100 ISO 5000

Her sister playfully shined her flashlight on her face in this shot.
I like the pattern on the wall behind her.
f 2.8 1/80 ISO 2000

Go visit Micaela to see other photos with light and angles.
Get your camera out, it's fun to focus on an assignment.


  1. What a great idea! I like the way the light plays differently at different times of day. You have a very adorable model. :-)

  2. Love your interpretation of the theme! And that chair is pretty cool too!

  3. i love the picture of the chair under the lamp light, "Early Dusk Still Light Out".

  4. Ooh I love the shot of it at dusk! Beautiful pictures :)

  5. Early dusk is swoon worthy. Love it.

  6. These all look incredible but my favorites are the dusk and the last shot. :-)

  7. I think this is brilliant! I know a few places in my yard that look good at dusk, but this is so smart! If you do this with a few spots throughout your house/yard, you'll always know where to go when you need a certain shot!

    I may just have to steal this for a future theme. Thanks for linking up!