Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rodeo, more nights spent at the county fair

We had so much fun the first night we attended the Waller County Fair
that we decided to spend as much time at the fair the next few days.

Craig did some steer roping when he was young, and it was fun to hear his perspective of the professionals at the rodeo. They are awesome and I'm so happy to be able to have such an incredible fair to attend.

It feels like a fleeting thing in this world, good old boys and their horses and live stock..
Our friend, a young lady, won the Reserve Grand Champion heifer in the livestock competition. We didn't get to congratulate her, but her mom let us congratulate her cow.

It is interesting to look at all the animals to be judged. The kids are more interested in the judging clubs of 4H to understand more of what the judges look for in rabbits, goats, pigs, etc.

Then there is the atmosphere, fair food, face painting and music to enjoy. I love Texas.


  1. Liking the new look here!

    And you must have a super fast camera to catch those cowboys in action the way you did. That, there, is some fast and fancy footwork those bulls put on! :)

    1. Thanks Patty. I thought the blog needed a fall look.
      We were mesmerized with the bulls.