Thursday, October 1, 2015

{phfr} County Fair

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The county fair is happening in our county this week, I finally got some of us over to see it. We want to soak in and learn as much rural life as we can, Greenhorns that we are. 

The girls are newly motivated with all the animals, crafts and rodeo activities.

We are reading aloud our fourth book of the Ralph Moody autobiography series and some of the horse riding activities mean so much more because of Mr. Moody's stories.

The girls want horses and calves of their own. It's probably time for horse riding lessons.

Last night's show included the cowgirl roper groups. Four on a team to rope and tie a calf. We could see how they separated their calf from the rest, then lassoed the one assigned, all jumped in to tie it in a competitive time. What grit and courage. Very entertaining to watch.

We also saw a little of the pig show. There were goats, pigs, heifers and a loud bull in the barn. We didn't see who won the pigs, but we all picked our favorites. Maybe we need pigs too.

We had to go the carnival at least one night. Middle week usually works best for lower attendance for rides. The girls had a great time on the carnal rides. 
They have to stick together since I wasn't riding and it all balanced out since Euly wanted to ride all the rides, many of which Lilly was too little and Ceci wasn't interested in. 

Lilly won at the fishing pool and picked herself a prize and crowned herself fair princess. 

Seeing the girls have so much fun together, and separately,  made me so happy.

Watching the women roping teams was fascinating.

We had to cut the evening shorter than we had hoped; all the sights, sounds and mostly smells made it a little overwhelming for my five year old. Her funnel cake experience will have to wait until another day.

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  1. This is a great storybook! Family and culture and fun always blend splendidly. The fair princess' photo is my favorite :-)

  2. Looks like a great time! I always admire how well you capture it all on film.