Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goals, once again

I committed to a goal list of 101 goals in 1001 days starting in 2012 and actually, surprisingly, did very well. Many of those goal which weren't completed in the dates were completed later, some reappear on this list.

This time, I'm cutting it in half, half the goals and half the days. I'm excited to kick myself in gear, keep focus and accomplish some great goals over the next 501 days. (February 20, 2017). 

1. Go on that graduation trip with Molly.

2. Nick and Euly standardized testing practice up.

3.  Family rosary every night at 9.

4.  Loose I. II. III. IV. V. pound goals. Again.

5.  Start a guild for the girls at parish.

6.  Horse riding lessons for the kids.

7. Then maybe get horses.

8. Redo my bedroom: decorate.

9.  Sew an item of clothing.

10.  Complete art projects.

11.  Learn a new piece on the piano.

12.  Learn a song and sing it with children.

13.  Memorize a poem.

14.  Start reading bedtime stories again.

15.  Get rv on road again.

16.  Go to an art museum.

17.  Take kids to DC.

18.  Plan and plant orchard.

19. Redo old house windows.

20. Redo old house medicine cabinet.

21. Redo old house ironing board unit.

22. Clean up and de-redneck outside.

23. Get Nick into dual credit.

24. Get a physical.

25. Get Craig to get a physical.

26. Visit the Grand Canyon.

27. Visit Dd on a regular routine.

28.  Get in the habit of keeping holy the Sabbath - no unnecessary work!

29.  Visit family in Tennessee & friends on the way.

30.  Take kids hiking in Tennessee, see family and family plots.

31.  Clean out attic.

32.  Streamline homeschool supplies and books and junk the rest. 

33.  Plan the garden.

34. Build the garden.

35. Plant the garden.

36. Build the shrine around Blessed Mother statue.

37.  Get kids to water ski.

38.  Get kids to go sailing.

39.  Send handwritten letter to five people.

40.  Host a neighbor to tea.

41.  Get wedding photos redone & on wall.

42.  Take family portrait.

43.  Keep positive attitude.

44.  Visit New York in Christmastime.

45.  Start riding bike. Again.

46.  Read Bible daily - family time.

47.  Plant bulbs, set up areas of repose around property.

48.  Organize photos.

49.  Get off phone bad habits.

50.  Add daily mass and adoration into routine.

51.  Go on a retreat.

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