Monday, October 5, 2015

Corn Maze and Farm Visit

I wanted to get those out of the way first, because, pig races!  I thought you'd like to see the swimming pig races first.
Nothing cute-er, except knowing their reward for winning or loosing the race is a treat of oreos and chocolate milk.
Now I want a team of racing pigs,
maybe not. But .... cute!

Our wonderful homeschool group comes up with so many great outings during the  year, we usually just attend a few. There is probably something every week, but we pick and choose our favorites.
We finally made it out to the corn maze today. It held at a lovely farm in Montgomery, so many fun activities for the kids to do. Great shade for picnics, and fun to share with a couple hundred other homeschoolers.

And a corn maze:

Fun for all!


  1. Best pictures I have ever seen of pigs flying in the air!! Great job!

    1. Thanks Christine! They did all the work. ;)