Monday, October 19, 2015

Butterfly Museum for Science Day

 Lilly's class studied a little history and learned cuneiform writing. She gets in a little trouble with chaperones due to her concentration struggles but usually wins her teacher over with her bubbly interaction. She was frustrated by the stylus not making shapes she thought it should, and the teacher told her it was good to be frustrated, she was learning.

Her second session was about underwater corral,  anemone and jellyfish. That was fun too.
The afternoon exhibit was a tour through the butterfly museum. 
I need to a make sure she has enough enough to eat during the day because she was as flighty as the butterflies, over here, over there, and of course, I wanted to sit and move along slowly. Some day I'll tour a museum at my pace and think for these twenty two years of hurried visits. 

 Worm or cricket treats, Anyone?
 Newly hatched butterflies:
 Ew, not sure why I took this and why I thought I'd share, but here it is:

Many more babies popping out right in front of our eyes.

 Probably not, but possibly, the same two rice paper butterflies.
"If I hold real still, maybe they'll land on me." Yes, IF you hold real still...

Science days and homeschoolers are great, older and younger kids learning all together, enjoying each other's company. 

The end of the butterfly your ends with this pretty scene.

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