Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rocking this Fall Temperature

The highs still get up to 90, but the mornings are wonderfully fall like.

Ceci, Nick and Euly went to a showcase dance and dinner sponsored by their dance academy.
We all had fun getting them all dressed up.

Outside the country club, a very nice venue.  So excited!
 We had to find something fun to do with ourselves for four hours in College Station.
Movies are a good time eater.
Around home,
the guineas think they are big, now able to go in to roof of shed.

Molly came by Friday to check on her favorite girls.

Our dogs love a walk in the woods.

Our exciting project right now is power washing the exterior of the house and then we will stain/seal next weekend. It is amazing how fresh the wood look, not all dull grey.
Power washing is instant gratification!  We have much more to do and this is a big, long house with lots of windows and doors that need to be sealed. But it's rewarding work.
It feels so happy to be clean! 


  1. I am fascinated by power washing myself :-)

  2. I love jobs with "instant gratification"! And I love those dresses the girls have, especially Euly's!

    1. Thanks, Carol! Euly found the dress online and we tried one size then another and now want to other all the colors!

  3. Molly with that smiling bird on her shoulder...hilarious. Thanks for the smile! Great pic.!

    1. Molly has always had a way with birds!