Thursday, September 10, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Nature Trail Adventure

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We spent some time at our favorite nature center which happens to offer various homeschoolong classes. Three of my kids are taking German.
Lilly and I have time to explore the trails.


The volunteers are like family and treat the old homestead with loving care. They plant a garden with heritage plants annually. This year is has gone crazy with the rains.

In a couple of weeks my girls will be volunteering to help with the nature center's annual Hummingbird Festival.
It was pretty special to see this photo of Cecilia from volunteering years back.
I hope Lilly and Cecilia want to dress up again for the festival.

The nature center was a farm turned nature sanctuary, with German heritage from German immigrants.

It was heavily overcast as we set out on our walk. We decided to check out the boardwalk trails my oldest son Max had made as part of his Eagle Project "before Lilly was born."
Lilly and I both have hard times imagining that there was time before she was here. This distinction is very important to her and she likes to discuss all the things her siblings did "before she was born."

Anywhooo, we were the only souls along the trails. They were overgrown, dark, and we startled birds and frogs along the pathways, who in turn startled us by making creepy random sounds as they crunched through leaves, rattled branches and jumped out in front of us.

I enjoyed it, and didn't realize Lilly was getting a little spooked.

"Can we go back?'
"I'm getting hungry, thirsty, have bathroom needs..."
"Do you know where we are?'
"How much longer?"
"Are we lost?"
"Are you sure?"
"I miss dad."
That one caught my attention.

I showed her trail signs we were headed in the right direction.
She still wasn't comfortable.

I made the mistake of suggesting that we could pretend we were lost and think about what we would do to survive out here.
My excuse: I have two boys that loved to discuss such possibilities.
Not Lilly!
Oh she gasp, wanted me to carry her, poor thing.
"What's that?'
"What if we died?"
"How much longerrrr?"
A couple more turns and we were back at the nature center where she knew exactly where everyone was. 
We made it back before the rain, but then got drenched when we raced to the car after class.

It is "love bug season." We don't have them around our house, but when we come into town, 
Ugh!, these weird little bugs are swarming all over everything, getting trapped in our hair, car, clothes.
Thankfully they don't bite, but ugh!, I hate love bug season.

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