Monday, August 31, 2015

{Counting Gifts} August thankful

Storing away sunshine for a rainy day...
Taking time to note times God's work in my life especially with the very little things as well as the big. I'm thankful for all the gifts in life. 
Helping me to keep perspective to thank God for all blessings especially during a bad month. 
Bye August! I'm glad to see you go.

Our Guardian Angels to the rescue again!

So forever grateful Euly remember Lilly had fallen asleep in car. I can't even let my mind go there. Praise God for mercy!

Dorm life. I didn't experience myself and it is fun to see through my kids' eyes.

Dancing on a country road with a sheep.
Trying to understand why she is growing up so fast as the older siblings are speeding toward adulthood. Time can be cruel.

Trying desperately to not anyone steal my peace.

Steps toward humility.

Priestly wisdom...
Even when it is so infuriating to hear.

Sweet Saint Philomena

GoCart that Ceci can start by herself.
Blue skies.

Realizing I was focusing on the wrong thing to worry about.

Earning forgiveness from my kids.

Visiting DD

Attitude adjustments.

He (God) isn't going to ask us what we know he is going to ask us how we loved.

Fighting for time to spend with the kids, not worried about what others think, following my gut and listening to my sister's advice.
Realizing when I'm up at 3 am 4 am 5 am stressed, crying, full of regret with a high BP ringing in my ear. Something has to change.

Lilly's song:
Sometimes my mother bees crazy,
Sometimes my mother is good,
Sometimes my mother bees lazy,
Sometimes my mother is mean, yes mean.
Sometimes my mother loves texting.
Sometimes my mother is very nice.

Silly sheep whose whole world is us:

Sheila's devotion to Hope

Variety of chicken feathers on Americaunas. 
Silly sisters

Sneaking in a date night while in Austin on stress filled errands. 

Nick reading to his sisters

Ceci reading bedtime stories to Lilly

Twenty eight years of marriage, recommitting to each other, reminding each other how much we mean and how we love our life we've built together.

 A good shepardess 
Could always be worse...
Like the wrecker driver couldn't find my keys...
Or that the tire store didn't understand my English the third time...
Or the blow out caused a wreck..

Goodnight to the end of the worst day I've had in a long while on top in three bad days before it.

Being reminded that I am ok (from blow out) because I was doing errand for church. Times three. Someone trying to get my attention?

A good ole Bbq chopped beef stuffed baked potato. Waller County Bbq - love!

Something I would not have considered with my own babies 😂 but with this little lamb...!... I may test it out so we can get some sleep. #DogBabySitters #SheThinksSheIsHuman

Self closing spring hinged for the most used door in the house.

Progress with photo display.

Nick's job and sticking through the rough patches.

From my grandmother-in-law

Exercise farm style.

 Exercise indoor farm style.

 Their first day out. And they all survived.


  1. Oh hugs{{{}}} praying that September brings much peace and blessings{{}}

    Ah yes Guardian Angels, I shudder at many 'near misses' but have been baled out many a time by GAs. I think our children are often far kinder to us than we are to ourselves