Saturday, September 12, 2015

Church Work Day

It has been a while since we visited Miss Betty's aka our church property. She donated 40 acres and has some  acreage she will live on and keep her various animals.

We had a special work day with the new North American District Superior of the FSSP visiting our parish. There were so many people working on so many projects! 

We helped Craig work on fencing. 
The girls helped paint the ceiling pieces for a shrine Father is building for our host parish.
Ceci helped pick up sticks; Euly helped take photos.

We visited with the Meanoo, Topaz and Baby, who all have been renamed. Topaz has mastitis, and is having to be milked. I'm guessing that's because she's pregnant, the vet said no, time will tell.

After the hard work, there is always time for fun.


  1. A good dose of work, a good dose of fun, and a good dose of memories! Forgive me, but is that a donkey? I can almost see the Blessed Mother sitting on it :-)

    1. Yes, donkey and she has llamas, horses, goats, sheep, chicken, peacocks and more! A fun place to visit.

  2. The last picture is my fav! I could totally hang out with that critter all day.