Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Animals: Rutting, Fighting, Flying, Laying and Just Being Cute

Rutting season is interesting.
Remember, I'm a suburban kid, born and raised. As an adult, Craig and I have ventured into the small farm / small animal venue a couple of times, but other than a very short horse, this large animal thing is new. Dogs exempted for obvious reasons.

Watching these sheep claim dominance of the herd has been brutal. I am shocked some of these dudes keep after the ladies after they have the wind knocked out of them.They get up and resume pursuit.

As far as we can tell:
Ramses (black) is still the alpha. He earned it, he works hard claiming his harem, fighting all the interested males. Doug (light face) and Pretty Boy (Long horns) have been battling pretty hard for the number two spot. I think Ramses favors Pretty Boy for the next in line, but it seems still to be contested after four days of this. Enough already.

Hope's twin.
Oblivious of the battles raging behind her head,
until they plow over her.

This Americauna is pretty peaceful, motherly or a little lazy. 
She is our sitter.
We are letting her keep eggs under her, because the girls begged.
We will see what happens.

Since the sheep have been busy in the fields, they haven't come in their pen for feed in many days.
The guineas are looking for leftovers.
They are getting noisier and attempting to fly short distances.
They are so quick they are hard to catch on camera.

Lilly tries to herd them back to the coop.

The four peachicks have the little coop all to themselves.
Sometimes the girls let the out and play, 
sometimes they get away.
But they come back.

Then, there is Hope.
She is officially weaned from the bottle tomorrow at breakfast, since it is the only serving of milk I have left for her. She has been venturing off the porch in search of leaves she likes.
I hope it is good enough to sustain her, in additional to the grains we feed her.

I realized the problem is that a baby learns to eat from it's mama. And all her mama's eat inside a house, not in the middle of a field. She's catching on.


  1. These are precious photos! And you are an excellent journalist, really!

    1. Thank you, Marcia! You are very kind!