Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{Counting gifts} Thankful For September's Abundance

Storing away sunshine for a rainy day...
Taking time to note God's work in my life especially with the very little things. I'm thankful for all the gifts in life.  Listing gifts helps me to keep perspective to thank God for all His blessings.

A place to sit a spell
A good hands-on school day
With homemade play dough for the win.

Bouquet of wild flowers the girls picked 

Having Father over for dinner. Working through issues, getting everything back on track.

Love to see Nick serve

Date night
Cause he can be silly, the light above us was really cool and when they say flour-less cake they mean fudge.

Old house to "new" house facelift

Being needed..first thing in the morning
Hey Molly we sat under the stars and had hot chocolate.
Aw that sounds like fun!
I would have told you if I thought you wanted to come.
Just catching up on each other's lives
4H meeting fun
Ceci's forgiving heart
Hand in mine
Always something beautiful to see on a walk through the 'hood.

Euly handed me a bowl of cookies and cream, not knowing beforehand blue bell had resumed production of anything besides chocolate and vanilla.

Hope wouldn't leave me a long to go on a walk, so she had to pose with the flower for venturing.


The roof over our heads.

Church events to force me back into activity.

Forgiving gossip.

Lilly's first day of CCD and her reciting the story of two kings and an angel and the Cross.

Lilly's first day of science day, and seeing she need to practice left handed scissor skills. 

A day at home with no extra activities.

Hope independently surviving.
Gold tipped eyelashes

Stargazing, bugs and all.

Having a hard time, wearing down indifference to humility.

A long sleep after many sleepless night.

Lilly chachacha birthday song to Papa.

CCD kickoff

Katrina's thoughtfulness.

Euly's compassion and dedication to our animals.

Skeet is fun!

Practicing target shooting

Nicks fast thinking shooting the raccoon off the back porch.

Glow stick party

Getting opposing advice on serious concerns from Kathy and Traci. So thankful for real conversations.

Science experiment mummifying apples: fail. There were noticeable differences but my little scientist hoped for the mummified apple would still look as it had pre submersion in the baking soda salt mixture. Looks like we need to see some mummers at museum.
Clinging to our guns and our religion... Proudly so.

What all a simple pair of gloves can inspire.

Sunset walks

Living in big sky country
A flair for the dramatic.

A lesson in bees.

Max's porch.

When that guy asked my 13 year old if she was the mom to my 5 year old...not in our world, man.

Back at Arbor

A pool to ourselves

Practicing for the eradication of varmints

Rode it until it died, it gave all it could! 


"Silly sister friend jump"
Best friends

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rocking this Fall Temperature

The highs still get up to 90, but the mornings are wonderfully fall like.

Ceci, Nick and Euly went to a showcase dance and dinner sponsored by their dance academy.
We all had fun getting them all dressed up.

Outside the country club, a very nice venue.  So excited!
 We had to find something fun to do with ourselves for four hours in College Station.
Movies are a good time eater.
Around home,
the guineas think they are big, now able to go in to roof of shed.

Molly came by Friday to check on her favorite girls.

Our dogs love a walk in the woods.

Our exciting project right now is power washing the exterior of the house and then we will stain/seal next weekend. It is amazing how fresh the wood look, not all dull grey.
Power washing is instant gratification!  We have much more to do and this is a big, long house with lots of windows and doors that need to be sealed. But it's rewarding work.
It feels so happy to be clean! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kleb Hummingbird Festival

We were supposed to volunteer, then all our plans changed. Euly went out of town, Nick had to work, we had three more kids to join us. In the end Ceci enlisted Maggie to help volunteer with volunteer lunches once we found Ms. Linda.

The rest of us were participants at the Annual Kleb Woods Hummingbird festival in Tomball, Texas.
The nature photographers were out in force to see the hummingbird migration and since it was my extra kids' first visit, we decided to branch out and see all we could of this old farm converted to forest nature preserve.

Rescued owl (hit by car)

My nephew manned the Can You Run as Fast As a Hummingbird Can Fly? booth. And no, we couldn't. But they tried.

On your mark, ...


The kids loved seeing inside the hundred year old farm house. So cool to see how Elmer Kleb actually lived, with his actual stuff on his actual land.

Craig wants one of these stoves for our bedroom. Pretty cute and has a purpose.

Horse apples.

Barbed wire through the trees- sign that there were fields here once upon a time.
We like to check on Max's Eagle project boardwalk:
Resurrection Fern

Climbing the best climbing tree around.

Once when this woodland was a field, the farmer let this tree branch out and grow. We are so thankful he did.
by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see 
 A poem lovely as a tree. 

 A tree whose hungry mouth is prest 
 Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast; 

 A tree that looks at God all day, 
And lifts her leafy arms to pray; 

 A tree that may in summer wear 
 A nest of robins in her hair; 

 Upon whose bosom snow has lain; 
 Who intimately lives with rain. 

 Poems are made by fools like me, 
 But only God can make a tree.

Farm to forest- windmill absorbed by the trees.
The crafts are fun- the girls and their bird masks.