Sunday, August 16, 2015

You have my permission to say: "I told you so!"

Remember Meanoo, Baby and Topaz?

...the goat guests who obviously thought they were human. My friend needed a place for them to go, we tried it for a couple of weeks and after poop everywhere, chasing our cars, whining outside the door, aggravating the chickens and dogs, bullying us when it was feeding time (a little scary), and ignoring the other goats and sheep, my husband arranged for them to go on a (possibly) permanent vacation at our dear friend Miss Betty's. If and when they come back, they will probably be pregnant. I hope that would calm them down.

So a little over a week ago a little cute lamb imprinted on Ceci and the rest of us. She has stolen our hearts. She snuggles sweetly and intentionally. But we can't have another Meanoo, Topaz and Baby situation on our hands.

I'm trying to make her spend more and more time independently outdoors, well within our view and with her companion Sheila. She now sleeps on the porch with the dogs at night in the old dog kennel. She doesn't like it, but we can't have her sleeping in doors and on the couch when she weighs 100 pounds! She is getting used to it and the night sounds of being outdoors instead of the humming of the Ac.

Yes,  I know we are crazy.

The biggest lesson I've learned is what a good and diligent momma Ceci is. 

I think we asked for and invited this kind of crazy.she's full of sweetness and love gets a lot in return.

But if my posts get whiney or complainy about having a 80 + pound wool blanket underfoot, you can remind me how much I thought it would be worth nursing her when her own mommy doesn't know her. 


  1. This saga, well, it keeps my laughing and smiling. Not because of "I told you so" moments, but it's like something Disney would have made a movie about.

    1. I love that Patty, thank you! I'll have to tell myself that. :)

    2. So funny! Yes, it does sound like an Disney movie! The old Disney...from when we were kids. :)