Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little Lost Lamb

A mama sheep gave birth in the woods to twin lambs yesterday. Nick spotted them on the fence trail when he was out 4 wheeling around the property.
He called Ceci and Euly and they spied them from the edge of the woods.
The mama was nervous, as all the ewes are around us. They watched for a while, then came to get me because it looked like one baby was stuck on some brambles and the mama and other baby were headed off out of the woods with out it.

Which is what happened. I think the moment the lamb was stuck and couldn't keep up, that mama decided to book it on down the trail with the other one. The other lamb kept up with her, she would stop occasionally and sniff it, nudge it and keep on running. No one was chasing her. We tried to reunite them, but from what I have heard, it is nearly impossible once the mama has moved on.

Once we moved in to help probably also ruined all chances of reunion.

Once we fed it sheep colastrum, cemeted the chances this little family would stay apart. 

We haven't seen the mama and other twin since yesterday. We've all looked. We hate for them to be seperated from the herd, from their protection. There is plenty for her to eat on the property, and she can get water from the spring. Will she have trouble being accepted back when she return? We heard that this baby we are raising will have a hard time to be accepted by the herd. Time will tell. Right now we are just trying to make sure she gets enough to eat. She is pretty weak but has a strong "maaaamaaaa" call.

Ceci and I stayed up most of last night with her, feeding, comforting, cooing. She doesn't sleep much but she can be convinced to stay put when snuggled.

I never bottle fed my babies so this is new to me. It's messy and frustrating. I'm not sure what is enough. She looks so skinny, but I say that about all our animals.

We have named her Hope.


  1. Oh poor little lamb. Happy snuggling! She is in good hands. Hoping "Hope" will be fat and full soon!

  2. We all read this together. The kids are very excited! When Declan saw the picture of the lamb following Ceci he said "Ceci had a little lamb". :)

    1. Yes! We've been saying the same thing! Come see her!