Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Early morning walks

I will call today's walk: Spiderweb encounter
(Carol, thinking of you guys.)

This little gal has to be by my side anytime I am outside. She is a great walking/ running partner, I can never outrun or out tire her. She does occasionally want to switch sides without warning.
I spent some time trying to teach and encourage her to eat grass. I am trying to wean her from the bottle, she has to learn to eat.

We're producing lots of eggs. 
Let me know if you need any. 
Pick up only. :)

We are thinking two more weeks for guineas until they can be trusted free ranging. Fingers crossed. The pea chicks will have this place all to themselves for a long time to come. From past experience, I do not want to let them out until they are mostly grown. We had a white peacock in Georgia that the raccoons got a hold of while it was in its teenage phase. Devastating.

 Mushrooms!  I think this one looks like a  pancake.

Aren't these little dainty mushrooms so sweet? ( to look at, I never touch for fear of ...death).

I wanted to see what the herd was up to. It's interesting to catch them unawares. They feed in a line,  relaxed when no one is around.

They bunch up when they realize Hope, Sheila and I are nearby.

Hope and they look at each other as if they are strangers. Can't you see the resemblance, silly sheep!?!
It's all about the smells for Hope.

Morning dew - it is so humid. Can you feel the humidity?

An early sign of a season change a' coming...

Ceci thinks the rooster and I will be friends, and I am so happy he does not charge at the girls, but I do not see any truce in our future. Can you see the evil menacing glare? Oh, he's a plotting fellow, just waiting for me to turn away...


  1. Beautiful Pictures! Even your humidity picture makes you want to rush outside for a nature walk (though you must have been roasting yourself) :)

  2. I second what Carol wrote. Your pictures just bring it all together. That rooster...yes. I do see evil in his look ;)