Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dragonflies and Ramblings

I feel a bit creatively dry and don't have ideas for a day book post, but I do feel like chatting.

How about a little this and that, sprinkled with photos of dragonflies I took by the pond?

First of all, mostly on my mind, is that it is hot. H.O.T. I don't want to be known as someone who complains and has to sit the AC all the time (or at least when it is 100 degrees in August in Texas). So I joined the kids' fun outside.

Nick is home from his summer job and he's enjoying being home, relaxing, going for ride on the 4wheeler, taking his sisters for rides.

We've had a relaxing weekend. We had officially celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks back, but we couldn't resist celebrating a bit more on the actual date Saturday. We have had years of not celebrating to make up for since early years of parenting we didn't get out much.

We were able to get some little projects done, which always makes us happy. We went to Chuys Tex Mex Restaurant, as we have for over thirty years. Wow, we must be old. We had thought about a movie, but decided to hit up Home Depot instead to get blinds for a couple rooms that need a little cooling off.
We bought this house with lots of windows, and in extreme temperatures we sometimes wonder about needing so many windows.
Most days we are happy.

Craig bought a spring hinge for the kitchen exterior door, the most used door of the house. Now it closes for the girls who sometimes forget to in their zeal to see the chickens.

I have also had heavier thoughts on my mind about our culture and where things are going since the Supreme Court decision. Some people think that the Supreme Court legalized sin, all and every kind of sin and outlawed judgement, peer pressure and fraternal correction.
Nope. Not in its jurisdiction.
But many people are in a kind of free for all, all is good and you can't judge me mode. There are many young adults who are trying to live their lives according to the precepts of the Church, I know many others believe it is impossible: that living according to God's laws are somehow impossible.
But we are all sinners, and thankfully Jesus gave us the sacrament of confession, to reunite us when we fall. 
We don' need to stay in sin and drop further into sin. We can change our ways. Many have. We have great saints to lead the way. 

Things have settled down in our county and national spot light has turned to other communities with cases police violence/brutality, although that was not the case in our county.
Seeing that hate directed from across the country does make us aware of an undercurrent of desire for a call for anarchy in our country. It maybe small voices, hopefully only a few. But the voices calling for a "Day for Rage" on Waller County were loud, ugly, hateful and full of lies. Oh! Why aren't we raising a society to think, and question the validity of what they hear?
Now the case of the lion, which is awful, but in the media against the unequal comparison of PP and selling baby parts. I always like to think happy thought on the blog, so I will drop it, but I just shake my head of where things have gone and where they can go in their mind and conscious numb society.

Shelia is a good dog. She hangs out with me when I'm around the pond, hopefully flushing away any snakes in the area. We have seen more lately. The cat was chasing a racer (at least I hoped it wasn't a water moccasin). The kids saw copperhead babies on the road. Good reminders to be careful.
We saw a fox running across the street in the evening, and think how lucky/blessed we have been so far, not loosing any animals to predators (yet). Two owls have been hooting loud mating calls the past few nights just over the chicken coop.

The pea chicks and guineas are growing fast. More chicken hens are laying eggs everyday, but as usually to our experience with chickens in the past the Araucanas lay more regularly and in the nesting boxes than the Rhode Island Reds.

've never been up for pond swimming. Look how much life is teaming on the surface!

We have made good use out of the pool the summer. I usually hate the idea of an above ground pool, This year I am so thankful for the refreshment and exercise.
We had a visit from Max, turned out he needed laundry done and a haircut. I'm glad we could help with that to have an evening with him.
Molly is doing well with her visits and therapy for her back. She's a tough girl. Many of the things recommend she already does: lose weight - she's thin. Get flexible - she' still as flexible from back when she did gymnastics. So really our goal is for the arthritis not to get worse, and work on pain/discomfort management without medication. She's young. This is lifetime condition that won't be reversed and she has her child bearing years ahead. I've probably ranted my fears before, but right now I feel she is in a good place physically, spiritually and emotionally. She moves into a dorm at the end of the month. I want to enjoy this last time with her!
I am working on our capital campaign, specifically the grant process for our parish. We need funds for the altar, pews, kneelers, confessional, classroom furniture. I feel a little out of my comfort zone, but it also feels nice to act as a grown up and have grown up meetings.

I won't be teaching Ccd this year, just coordinating. I'm looking forward to digging in and working hard on our homeschool. We have a lot to do. It's  been a wonderful summer, lots of memories and adventures and projects accomplished.

So that's what's up with me. 

What's up in your world? Anything exciting, stressing or just living your day?


  1. Your thoughts mimic mine in many ways...except CCD, I'm still teaching. (Sigh...) BTW, we absolutely love Chuy's. Glad you are still celebrating your is just another great example that you set for your kiddos! Enjoy your August days!

  2. WOW..your pictures are just amazing. Great job with your photography! Not much happening here...just going grocery shopping. Kids eat so much food!

  3. Beautiful photos! my favorite is 4982.

  4. Love your dragonfly pics:) New style