Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ceci had a Little Lamb...

our baby on the right

cooling off in a slightly passive aggressive way (sheep's water trough)

The lady at the feed store gave Ceci the idea of the diaper. (It's kind of a joke). She told us of her story, very much like ours where her little lamb became part of the family, even forgetting that it wasn't a human. I sit here shaking my head about the situation we have ourselves in.

You know how when a brand new baby sibling comes along and the previous baby of the family suddenly seems older and bigger and no more the baby, sometimes acting out in a slightly jealous way toward the new baby? Well, we may have a little of that going on, but not much.

We have lots of love and dedication toward the little lamb. Ceci and Euly volunteered to stay with her last night with a middle of the night feeding. I'm so proud of them. The cute newness of a baby falls off quick when one feels sleep deprived. Sheep aren't cats or dogs, they are calm, sweet, and docile. They don't scratch, bite or demand. She is demanding when hungry.

I know they aren't meant as pets, and definitely not indoor animals. It's crazy, yet, here she sits, after a bath, loving taken care of by her mama Ceci. We do spend hours outdoors for her to get the idea of how she should be living.

The birth mom and twin showed back up today. They merged back in with the herd as if they never left. The herd accepted her baby, no question.

We placed our baby in the pen, and they all acted a little fearful of it. Maybe she smelled too human, or maybe a bit like her protector, Sheila.

Sheila loves her; sniffs, smells, licks, leads her all over the place. She does lose interest after a while and she let her get under the chicken coop, out of our reach. Nick got her out. She's a good distraction from us and hopefully will be her friend once weaned. It's good for her to have animal friends.

Once in the pen, her twin was very interested in her. He/She came up to sniff and meet her. The mama wasn't far behind. We thought there might be hope in confusing the mama into accepting our lamb back again, except our baby doesn't know she's a sheep. She kept coming back to us. She hid, she wouldn't answer the mama's calls. She wanted no part of being a sheep. She's been with the humans over 48 hours, no turning back.

Sigh. This is an experience, learning lesson and adventure. We probably saved this baby from dying of abandonment, just to be raise by humans to turn her into a non-sheep. Maybe she can earn a living at a petting zoo, if she could handle being away from Ceci.

I have called a head a few classes we have this week about our situation and have been told, "If Mary has a little lamb, will be welcome." Gotta love it!

Running after Ceci


  1. Oh wow! What a continues to thicken. She sure is a cute lamb!

  2. Love the diaper! She is a cute baby. Stuck under the chicken coop...poor little thing!