Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{birth story} Sweet Cecilia

I have written Max's,
          Euly's and
              Lilly's birth stories, and thought I might as well get busy and write Cecilia's story. It's been ten years. I may have forgotten some details.

We were living in the country in Georgia. We had a horse, chickens, guineas and too many cats. We lived in a wonderful country home on acreage,  3 1/2 acres which initially felt like over 100 acres because the properties on two sides were still wooded, (which changed by the time we moved away).

I moved to Georgia with four children, and as seemed to happen with us, "New House, New Baby," we were bound to get pregnant while we lived there.

A large wonderful Southern porch

Midwifery was "illegal" in Georgia, it may still be. You are "allowed" to birth your baby wherever you want, but the state will not issue permits and licenses required by law. So it adds a layer of hassle to things like getting a birth certificate. But no government agency stormed a prenatal visit.

Being the rebel that I am, I sought out an able bodied trustworthy, well experienced team of mid wives and we went forward. These ladies were associated with The Farm in Tennessee. I was in good hands. I had two wonderful home births already by this time, and knew this time I wanted a water birth. These ladies were happy to accommodate me and help me plan.

The prenatal visits went well, a little high blood pressure showed, but I always had four kids in tow, and a little extra weight probably didn't help much. Otherwise it went along very well and we kept busy with our wonderful life in Georgia.

I was determined, (I know I probably have nothing to do with it), not to go past the three week early mark. Because of Nicholas' 10 pounds, 12 ounces. I warned the midwives that I want to go early, not to make any plans around the 37 week mark, but they never learn. So the main midwife was out of town, which is how it happens with me, but Debbie made it, which was perfect.

The fourthly of July, we lit off fireworks in the front yard. I watched from the window of my bedroom. The neighbor kids came over to watch. It was a beautiful summer evening with lightning bugs and excitement in the air.

Close to midnight, I was in labor, I hadn't gone to sleep. Craig tried to sleep, we tried to get kids to go to bed, no one was tired. The air was electric with anticipation!  

I wanted a water birth, and wanted Craig to set up the pool in our bedroom. He thought: second floor bedroom? and I didn't need it during previous births, so maybe I didn't need it this time. The kids were hyper and getting a little on my nerves, so I put them on midwife watch outside on the front porch.  I totally lose my sense of humor during labor. I don't like to be teased. I want have the conversation around me to be about me otherwise they should leave the room. Labor- I'm allowed to be selfish!

Once Debbie arrived, she urged Craig to set it up, knowing how stubborn moms in labor can be. No one's happy if momma isn't happy.

Once I hit the water, labor hit my back and hips.  The drawback of a blow up pool: no footholds. I had a claw foot tub in my bath, but labor moved too quick to move. Initially they thought it would be hard to navigate around. 

I was uncomfortable, but not in terrible pain. I had turned 40, that may have had more to do with the back discomfort that the foot-hole-less tub.

The best experience with midwives, they let you decide how to labor,  when to push. It is empowering! Trust and listen to your body! The best way, follow God's design.

I asked Debbie if I could push, she said whenever I needed to. I pushed, not very many times, and out popped my baby!. Craig and Debbie confirmed, "It's a girl!"

The story with Cecilia's birth is more focused on the days, weeks and months after birth. I did not slow down, stay in bed, off my feet, and take it easy and ended up more in danger of hemorrhage that I had with my other births. I didn't take it seriously and am very blessed not to have suffered worse. Recovery lasted months. 

Sometimes I feel so well after birth, really almost like super mom, that I didn't realize how important a slow recovery Was until my midwife got in my face to get my full attention. 

Ceci was very healthy, she was a good nurser. She did have a touch of jaundice, but that passed quickly.

Not sure if she was happy about arriving early.

My favorite thing about home birth - sleeping in my own bed, even if there isn't much room.
I loved our time in Georgia. The kids loved it and thrived!

The kids were pretty giddy about having a new baby sister!

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