Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend with Craig, Will (Shakespeare) and Carl (Orff)

Outside my, hot, humid, and did I mention HOT!! 

On the homesteading front... The pea chicks and guineas are doing well. The original herd of sheep and goat are fine, all original 20 chickens are getting big. No layers yet. The lone rooster is starting to crow. The three recently added goats are still having a hard time adjusting to life here and reek havoc with their dog like, bratty behavior. They don't chase our cars anymore. We reinforced the feed room door, so they aren't stealing food anymore. They refuse to assimilate with the herd, even though Pocahontas, the other goat, has invited them many times. They hang out on back porch and leave tar staining droplets all over, and get out the fences pen. We can't figure out where, we have reinforced all perceivable holes. We are looking into at a few options for them, including off to Miss Betty's. They cause problems, but not major issues, just pesty and annoying. They butt heads and fight with each other, but are mostly gentle around us. Miss Betty would probably love their companionship.

I am praying for..our country and all others who asked for my prayers. Vocations and future spouses and employment of my kids.

I am thankful...for my marriage. And for the many other married people I know. We are celebrating 28 years on the first of August and started celebrating this weekend.

In the kitchen...Mahi mahi for dinner. For dinner tonight, the girls cooked! We are down to just Craig, me, Euly, Ceci and Lilly. I feel that the house is getting empty quickly.

I am going...we had an incredible cultural weekend starting with meeting up with all my sisters, my mom, and my friend Traci's family at a Shakespeare performance of Twelfth Night in Winedale. Twelfth Night is my least favorite comedy. As Lilly pointed out during an uncomfortable scene, "awkward". As always the performers do a great job. We sat right by the stage, even have some interactions with the actors during the play and enjoyed a game of Ninja with some of the performers after the play. Cousins are always happy to spend time together! 
My sister's car broke down on her way back to Austin. By midnight, we found them on the side of the road and waiting for a wrecker and her husband to come get them.  More good time with them, eleven people in my car, laughing and enjoying moments together.

Craig and I enjoyed seeing Carmina Burana performed by the Houston Symphony. It's always been his favorite, and after enjoying it live, I love it too. It's in Latin, though sadly not religious. It has Orff's German flavoring.  Incredible and powerful to hear live. I thought the soprano would be blown off the stage with the final performance of O Fortuna! 

We stayed in Houston at the Hotel Icon, a lovely old hotel that the lobby had one time been a bank. Lots of character and it's located in the theater district. We had an early dinner at the Foundation Room and truly enjoyed our time together. For years, probably over twenty years, I didn't leave the kids to go on these excursions with Craig. We moved often and didn't have people to stay with them. I am really enjoying this new phase, where my older adult children can watch their siblings and we can have quiet moments and experiences together. 

Especially since he finds really cool places to go!

I am reading...a delightful find printed in 1878 Christ in Art with engraved prints by Alexandre Bida. He made engravings on plates in steel and wood, a process I would love to see executed.
The book follows the narrative of Christ's life written from the Gospels. 

I am watching...original collection of  Alfred Hitchcock mysteries. All in black and white, some silent. So the kids watch some with me, and lose interest with others. Also re watched To Kill A Mockingbird this week. 

I am listening to...snores. Something woke me up at 4:57 and I could not go back to sleep. Without a full moon, critters are on the move and the dogs are barking their alert. All. Night. Long. 

I am looking forward to...getting projects done around the house. A new piece of furniture means rearrangement in the den. Max moving out freed up furniture for Nick's room and opened a bedroom I am going to reprint and repurpose for a guest room.

Around the house...Max moved into his apartment! We helped him move and set up his new home. He made his computer table and bought a couple of pieces from Ikea, added a new cover to the futon and is set up. He has a lot to add over time, but it is home-y and he seemed thrilled! He is near where we moved from, so he knows the area well. 

I am pondering...the validity and authority of the board in the recent news by the Boy Scouts. This has come to a vote and families involved have voted it down over and over again, even protesting at the head quarters in Dallas. So boldly, after the Supreme Court decision, the board will just declare it so?! Outrageous! How can we keep being overruled for a minority of the population in overthrowing good sense on taking care of the male youth of our country? Some one mentioned to me the sadness to see another institution fall. I agree but it all makes me so much more thankful to be Catholic. The Church that cannot change and will not. I find comfort in knowing the lengths martyrs have gone through  to preserve Christ's Church.  They didn't cave. 
We enjoyed scouting, and I mourn for the next generations. I will always be extremely proud of my two Eagle Scouts' accomplishments even if I'm not proud of the board. The troop leaderships have always been excellence volunteers and examples of good men for my sons. 

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...
Our parish prayer for building project:
To Thee, O blessed Joseph, do we have recourse in our tribulation, and having implored the help of thy thrice holy Spouse, we confidently invoke thy patronage also. By that charity wherewith thou wast united to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and by that fatherly affection with which thou didst embrace the Child Jesus, we beseech thee and we humbly pray, that thou wouldst look graciously upon the inheritance which Jesus Christ hath purchased by His Blood, and assist us in our needs by thy power and strength. 
Most watchful Guardian of the Holy Family, protect the chosen people of Jesus Christ; keep far from us, most loving father, all blight of error and corruption: mercifully assist us from heaven, most mighty defender, in this our conflict with the powers of darkness; and, even as of old thou didst rescue the Child Jesus from the supreme peril of his life, so now defend God’s Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; keep us one and all under thy continual protection, that we may be supported by thine example and thine assistance, may be enabled to lead a holy life, die a happy death and come at last to the possession of everlasting blessedness in heaven. Amen. 

One of my favorite things...a buffet we bought each other for our anniversary. I love that we both love the same type of rustic furniture and it goes well with this crazy house. Now just have to find places for the things it displaced.

A few plans for the rest of the week..we are trying out a new local chiropractor for Molly, and I'm hoping to squeeze in an appointment for me. The fireplace repairmen comes to rebuild parts of our fireplace Tuesday. The rest of the week is painting and rearranging rooms now that Max has moved out. In the end I am hoping to have a guest room, clean and tidy and an organized office for both Craig and I to work. Nick is working at camp and I'm planning on redoing his room. Debunking is a requirement.

Something that made me laugh, chuckle..satellite radio Redneck comedy channel with exerts from Larry the Cable Guy, Jerry Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy. Craig had it on his radio and we laughed all the way into Houston and back! 

I am thinking...about Sandra Bland. Have you heard about her? 
She was from Illinois and just moved here to start working at PVA&M, her alma mater. She was stopped for a traffic violation Friday, by Texas DPS, which escalated to her arrest. The controversy began when she hanged herself in the Waller County jail, many blame police, many think others are seizing this crisis as a racism bating opportunity. 

Very Sad. We should be praying for her soul and for comfort of her family.
We went to the local Watermelon festival and encountered no perceivable racial tension, just locals out to have a good time. So hopefully this crisis will die down and Sandra Bland can be put to rest in peace. 

A peek into my day...a couple more shots of the carnival.


  1. Just a quick note on the racist issues. I Totally understand how you feel as a member of that community. I'm from McKinney. You know, the famous "Pool part" incident? Hang in there and yes, pray for the soul of that girl.

  2. So much going on at your house!! We are looking forward to our next visit...the kids (namely Annabelle) are determined to see the Guinea Fowls before they are full grown.When Annabelle saw the pictures she said "we always seem to JUST miss them when they are babies!"

  3. Happy upcoming Anniversary! 28yrs is a blessing!!! Celebrate and enjoy! Love that picture of that chick...wish I could come up with a meme to put on it. So cute but looks mad!

    Congrats to your son and his apt! That is a big deal.