Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Kids and Animals

This ewe is pregnant and we are looking forward to meeting the babies. These usually have twins or triplets!
Chubby Sheila, not pregnant. 
Gromit is just happy like this all the time.

If I leave the property, the new goats chase after my car to the front gate. I usually can get to the gate before they do, but not always. I have to chase them back in to be able to leave.
 This goat is from my friends Traci, they named her Topaz. She  provided goats milk for goat cheese. We consider having her bred for that purpose, but Craig has to get use to their clingy/pesty habits. He hasn't decided if they are staying.
They are very much like friendly dogs.

 The chickens like to rest under the coop to get away from the goats and midday heat.
These gals help me take care of all of these animals.

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