Sunday, July 12, 2015

M I L Birthday Weekend

Mid July already! The summer is flying by; the year is flying by.

Today is my mother in laws' birthday. We drove to Austin to spend time with her and brought Rudy's BBQ for a picnic lunch at her apartment. Craig's sister and her old friend came by to surprise her. We had a nice, lively lunch visit. Marilyn took her out last night and she really enjoyed their time together. I think she had a good birthday weekend. 

Donna is a great mother in law to me. She is always thrilled to see the kids, and praises how wonderful they are, never a criticism or complaint on my parenting. Never. Our visits are pleasant and always fly by too quickly. 

I have written before how she is a great example of bearing suffering with a smile. She has suffered from Multiple Sclorosis for over 45 years and you'd never know she did, and that it caused her paralysis, much pain and disorientation. She decided early after diagnosis she wouldn't complain and she never has. She doesn't want to put her health concerns on anyone as a burden. (I would, I'm sure. I complain over every little inconvenience and pain.) she's amazingly brave. She smiles and enjoys every visit and wants to hear all about the happenings in the grandkids' lives. She compliments my hair and clothes and tells me what a great job I'm doing as a mother, as if there are no concerns in the world. We all leave happy with smiles on our faces, and always having learned another lesson in perseverance, kindness and love. She's a gift to everyone who knows her.

Since this is the last weekend before Max moves into his apartment, he wanted to shop and get items for his apartment. We hit every store we could think of and he now has the kitchen ready to go. We also went to a couple of our favorite places in Houston to get interesting objects and stumbled upon a cool place in Austin. He is fun to shop with and he know what he is looking for.

We also visited with my parents while in town. I can't believe how much time flies by between visits. I promised myself and the girls to make a longer visit in August. July is busy and booked the rest of the month.

Craig took the girls to the annual Cypress Top Independence Picnic. I love local festivals and try to make a visit to each one. We have a couple more summer ones coming up.

The weekend was well spent, but went fast! 

She loves her Craig-y.

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