Thursday, July 30, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Beating the Heat

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The guest room is ready for visitors!
Once I decide I am ready for a project, I start and then think later, oh! where are the before pics?
This is all I have:

It is the smallest of the bedrooms and was used as storage from the day we took possession. I had to clear it out a bit when the sheet rock repairman needed to fix its broken walls. I cleaned it up a bit for Max when he came home after college and before moving out for the last time.

I picked this beautiful blue paint color for our bedroom, but deciding it was not right (after I bought four gallons). This room is significantly smaller than my bedroom and only took a gallon and half. Need any blue paint, let me know!

All furniture items that didn't fit somewhere else came together nicely. It is the perfect napping room, although I am the only one interested in naps. Only having one window, and that it faces north, it is cooler than some of the other rooms.

still needs a curtain rod - oops I forgot!

Craig fixed the 4 Wheeler! 
It has been broken for years.
I think he loves it as much, probably more than the girls.

 Euly is now old enough to learn to drive it.

There are so many trails through the property, they will have a great time exploring pathways not normally traveled.

It's hot waiting for a turn, but worth it.

A look at Lilly's day. She wants to swim as many hours in the day as possible, then play with the chicks with all other hours in the day.

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