Friday, July 3, 2015

Freedom Festival

I'm one of those not too happy with what's going on this dear country I love, but I will not be one who loses hope or talks badly about our country. I am very disappointed with our leadership, especially those I actually voted in. There are many still trying to make a difference. I love hope and will not give it up. 
I have DNA from some pretty amazing heroes of this country, mostly unknown on a large scale, but heroes who fought, worked and made America great. That doesn't go away when She is being attacked and wounded because we won't let the Dream die.
So instead of being a depressed and frustrated, we have jumped into the Independence Day celebrating in advance and in full force.
We attended a Freedom Festival tonight with fun patriotic activities for all, and some just for fun activities. We have fun activities planned every weekend this month.

You know that mom who didn't get the memo that all the kids' activities were water activities, but lets her kids join in anyway? Yes, me, and yes, they thought it was worth it.

They thought they wanted to do the bubble ride,...
but then I saw it was something out my nightmares to get it going:
Step in this plastic, water tight bag, and plug your ears because they will blow it up with a garden blower, then toss you into a pool.

I suggested these bubbles might be more fun.

Fortunately the big bubble ride closed early, so they enjoyed all the slides instead.

Which was fortunate because they had the idea I was going to let them go up in a helicopter for a ride.

I found ways to distract them.

Live music always helps.

And fireworks!

We have a large stockpile of sparklers and they enjoy them most evenings leading up to our grand finale July 4th firework extravaganza tomorrow.

I hope your 4th is full of reasons to celebrate America.


  1. So much fun! Yea America!! I too want to be hopeful.

  2. Looks like y'all had a good time :) I could not find sparklers for the life of me! At any rate, my miss C enjoyed the fireworks display for about 5 minutes. Then she had had enough :)