Sunday, July 5, 2015

Double High Five! Ten Things about Ceci

This year for birthdays, I want to count the wonderful things that make up who my kids are and what I love about them most. This year Cecilia turns 10. There is so much more effervescently bubbling out of Ceci than I could capture with words and photos, but I'll try:

1. Her heart. The biggest caring heart. She gives it to all, sometimes gets hurt, but bounces back still willing to share her heart again.

2. Her sense of humor. It makes her happy to make others happy.

3. Her creativity. She had a good eye for pizazz. It has been fun to see it grow and blossom through the years. I love her hair designs best.

4. Her stick- to- it- ness, not to be confused with stubbornness. We're all stubborn here. Patiently persistent would describe Ceci. 

5. Her joy filled smile.

6. How she loyally protects and loves relationships that are dear to her heart:


D d


Even Lilly

7. Her art. She loves lots of color in her art and her surroundings. 

8. Fashionista

 9. Constantly creating, dreaming, planning. If she hears "no" or "not possible" she finds another way to her goal.

10. Resilience and ability to let things roll off her back. I couldn't imagine she could ever carry a grudge. Always forgiving.

I'm loving every minute of being this girl's mom! 

Happy birthday sweet Cecilia Marie!


  1. Happy Birthday Ceci! from all the Kennedys!!

  2. Birthday wishes to Ceci! May you be abundantly blessed this year :)

    You perfectly described my 14 year old. I know our kids would love hanging together!

    1. Thanks Patty. Hopefully sometime we can get them all together.