Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{Counting Gifts} July's abundance

Storing away sunshine for a rainy day...
Taking time to note times God's work in my life especially with the very little things as well as the big. I'm thankful for all the gifts in life. Helping me to keep perspective to thank God for:


Texts from Nick from camp.

Forcing myself to trust.

Max motivation.

Dance camp.

That Lilly's forehead cut wasn't worse. 

Throwback - Molly with her gal pals. And red hair.

Words that pack a punch.

Being frienemies today. Feeling too old to argue with the illogical thinking of a five year old. But making it home without a meltdown. And cowboy boots.

First day of dance camp - a success! Cecilia has always had such poise!

Comforting a lonely girl at night.

Waiting for Lilly to wake up. She still needs me in the mornings, stretching out motherhood as long as I can.

I have always loved Saint John Vianney's sermons:
"Our greatest cross is the fear of crosses. . . . We have not the courage to carry our cross, and we are very much mistaken; for, whatever we do, the cross holds us tight -- we cannot escape from it. What, then, have we to lose? Why not love our crosses and make use of them to take us to Heaven?"

Curriculum planning.

Getting through more on the master list to To Do.

Kicking myself in gear.


Brave face.

A good hard cry.

Reminders to avoid gluten, as plain as your face.

That the cloud over Waller has almost past.

Molly's enduring and strong spirit.

Chiropractor visits.

New pillow technology to help my aching neck.

For adult kids who go to confession.

That time I fit 11 people in my car at 1 a.m. In the middle of nowhere after the tow truck left. Yeah.


4 H cooking camp ! Great inspiration!

Computer table


Picking her apron, getting ready for camp.

Lessons fom Gone with the Wind.

Father son projects.

Trying to accept the bad mullet hair cut and country girl bleach job...oh the vanity.

Friends over til midnight. Good thing we planned to sleep in the next day.

Birthday- Ceci loves to enjoy it her way.

Cowboys boots
My couch snuggle partner.
Rhode Island Reds:

Receiving a compliment on my photography from Max. 

Night on the town.
Everyone jumping in to help Max get settled in.
New apartment- on his own!
Anniversary buffet.
Ceci's dinner.
Alphabet pathway.
Hometown specialty
Organizing Nicks room, planning a reveal when he comes home.
Beautiful blue skies.
Guest room ready!
Rebuilt fireplace, can't wait for cool weather!
Organizing piles in office. Making planing to clean up my paper filing system.


  1. Oh wow, full month!!! Love your anniversary gift:)
    Yes having adult children brings us to our knees and stretches us anew