Thursday, June 25, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Chicks, Sheep and Sparks

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
Euly named this little lady Jupiter. My kids name all animals here, and they get attached, and learn personalities. They enjoy watching animal behaviors. Chickens are especially entertaining. The kids see idioms acted: out: pecking order, hen pecked, etc.

Sheep are fun to watch too. They have a expressive faces, and I feel like if they could just verbalize, they would have a lot to tell us. Mostly I think they would complain about Pocahontas (the only goat) and her bad eating habits. She was named by previous owner.

Like hogging the food trough by standing in it, and not getting out when it's time to potty.

The sheep could be jealous because Pocahontas is the only one who can eat like this:

These two, always intense, play all day. Every day. They do get tired of each other and when one leaves for a visit somewhere else, the one behind is mopey, lonely and checking the minutes until the other arrives home. I pray they are good friends when they are grown. 

Happy and Real
Our stockpile of fireworks for the 4th arrived today. The girls couldn't wait to test out the sparklers. Lily had an immediate reaction of terrified horror of the sparks shooting off around the sparkler.  It reminded me of another child's reaction to fire at a hibachi restaurant ever over twenty years ago. I had learned then, this fear is intense and no words will help erase the fear.
She didn't want to leave, didn't want to tell her sisters to stop, but was utterly unhappy and uncomfortable. She almost seemed mad at herself that she couldn't enjoy the fun because she was so frightened. It may have roots in worrying for us and our safety, but once we put it all away and cleaned up, she was back to her happy self.

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  1. I love the sparkler pictures! I had that same love/hate relationship with fireworks when I was a kid as well. Didn't want to leave but was terrified!!
    Your goat looks crazy fun!

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  3. What breed of sheep are they? Very appealing. Here in Australia we mostly have merino, so yours look quite different

    1. They are Barbados sheep, meat sheep, not for wool, suited for our hot climate. They shed on their own, very low maintenance.

  4. My husband and I were so surprised when we first got our chickens at how distinct their personalities are!