Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nick got a summer job and how that led to spring cleaning

"They want a copy of my social security card."...
Should not be a hard request, I looked where it always was, and it wasn't there. 
His three little sisters' were missing too.
So, I went through everywhere,found nothing.
So we went to the Social Security Admin and ordered a new one.
Then, let the deep spring cleaning commence. Four bags of shredded paper later, drawers cleared out, cabinet organized, I came across them, along with birth certificates I hadn't realized were misplaced too. We had ordered passports earlier this year, and all relevant documents are now together in a folder locked away.
Talk about relief. When I am missing something, I feel part of my head is missing and I'm not - not distracted until it's found. 

We also spend some time at the local TX DOT to get closer to obtaining his drivers license. Nick will work at a local Boy Scout camp as a counselor and camp staff. Every day in July, except they close the camp Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon so he can come home to a home cooked meal and Mass together. He is so excited. He finished all his Drivers Ed and paper work, now we wait for his drivers test and he should be good to go.
Camp training began this week. What a beautiful place to spend the summer, lucky cub scouts.

I'm so happy to see him pass by milestones that I though would be difficult for him (due to past troubles with dyslexia), but he hasn't been discouraged. Now to work on SAT prep....

Max started his new job Monday. Now he's in the "real world." We've talked him into staying with us this summer to save a little money before he rents an apartment closer to work. I'm so happy to see him take on the world. He has so many plans, you catch his enthusiasm just listening to him.

Molly is looking for a summer job, she's applied at 30 or more places, had a couple of bites, but nothing that works for her schedule. I'm hoping she finds something soon. I know she'd like to start saving for school. She has been making ice cream for us with all that extra energy, something we all have appreciated since still no Bluebell.

This summer will fly by. We still have some school projects to wrap up. I'm so happy I got a (forced) jump start on one of my goals- deep cleaning and dejunking.


  1. Big milestone and continued good luck on those future ones. Right there with you on the SAT prep.

  2. My son lost his phone...can you come to my house and do that kind of cleaning!!!! I am the same. Cannot stand it when something is lost. Really wish I had more time to clean. Seems like I never do.