Monday, June 29, 2015

Lost and Found Kittens

Molly and I went for one of our long walks. Way down the way where there are no houses two little bundles were bounding down the road toward us. Then they adopted us and wouldn't let us take two steps with out tripping underfoot.
They followed us home so we decided to put signs up in case anyone was missing kittens. Haven't heard from anyone yet.
They are the age typical of dump kitties. They were quite flea infested that it would be hard to imagine they are someone's pet.  I can't imagine driving down a country road and booting these cuties out the door to fend for themselves, but that's what some people do.
We had some puppies run through not that long ago. I didn't make eye contact with the puppies and they moved on quickly. My neighbors took them in.

The kittens were too cute to ignore. The wouldn't let us. They love each other and snuggle the way kittens do. They wrap their tails around each other's back. It is so sweet!

When they followed us into our property a weird behavior happened between them and the sheep. The sheep seems very curious, aggressively so. They came very close to us to see the kittens. The kittens reacted with arched backs and spats. I think the sheep are just curious, but it was strange stand off.

When we walked up to the house the younger girls thought it was Christmas morning! So much joy and happiness. 
 They gave them water and food. Flea bath was the next thing to do. 
If we don't hear from an owner, I'll let the girls name them next week. I need to make a visit to a vet for shots.

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  1. Awe! What great pictures! Hope they get to name them ;)