Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Day book in June

Outside my window... Sunny now. We've had some rain storms on and off. We are happy for the rain.

I am praying for...Nick's teeth. Since babyhood that kid has had trouble with his teeth. Back then they blamed it on breastfeeding. But I believe he has something that is different with the chemical make up that doesn't help produce a healthy mouth. At 16 he's having those top four front teeth rebuilt with root canals and caps. Ever hear of that? Me neither. I was so exasperated at the dentist, I told her I feared dentures in his future but she assured me no, he'll be fine. I'm praying to Saint Apollonia, my dear old friend! She works miracles and comforts my fears. 

In the kitchen...Ceci made a blackberry pie.

Around the ranch/ renovation progress...I will title this week set back frustration. The Ac water drain clogged up and re channeled the water out the dining room ceiling. Ac has been repaired, but I need to get the Sheetrock repairman back out. 
And then we noticed new wall cracks. My heart sunk. I'm not sure if that means more foundation problems or that three months were not enough time to have house settle after the major foundation work and these cracks are just repair settle cracks not new nightmare problem cracks. They aren't beyond our repair, just troubling if symptom of bigger problems. I discovered when I was deciding whether to paint my bedroom this color:

I decided against it and will paint Max's/ guest room that color instead. I'm thinking a rich gray leaning slighting green. No hurry.

Today the large section of the new stove wouldn't turn on. It should be under some warranty, but less that seven months, it should not have had a problem!  

Craig was prepping the area for the "wading" pool and accidentally cut the phone line, which is the way we get internet. (Phone blogging). The boys decided crappy internet is still better than no Internet. Maybe they'll stop complaining.
I call it forced family together time.

Craig decided to get a backyard pool to keep the girls busy and cool. I always feel a bit more redneck than usual with an above ground pool,  but it's worth it to keep the girls busy in these hot Texas days.
They are already thrilled. 
Waiting for water to fill up:

And I have this sweet girl to keep me company while life guarding.

I am thankful for..
The Fraternity of the Society of Saint Peter had priestly ordinations May 31, and a newly ordained priest, Father MaLain, returned to Houston to give out first blessings and celebrate first masses. In the first year special blessings and indulgences may be gained by assisting in the mass of a newly ordained priest or receive his blessing.

New priest blessing!

The ladies of the parish put on a wonderful feast for the reception. Space decorations provided by school of church that hosts our parish. 

This week was the first anniversary of vicious attack on Father Walker and Father Terra
Keep Father Terra in your prayers. 

I am looking forward to ... some down time once past dental appointments and new repairs. Not sure if that will be this week or not. Plus a couple of wisdom teeth extractions in the future.

I am proud of...Molly starts her new job at Home Depot this week. If you know Molly in person , I'm sure you are thinking, what? Where now?
She has many talents and apparently knew quite a bit on their assessment page about home improvements. 
She is thankful for a good solid job near the school she is attending and not terribly far from the house. I hope she loves it! 
Nick has a break from his job this week and is hoping to complete a little last bit of school work.

I am reading... Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather. We are finishing up a reading tour of the west and we enjoy how many stories we have read that Kit Carson pops up in. 

Hope your week is wonderful! 


  1. I remember the priests shooting, was so gutted. So saddened to read Father's health will never be the same, I often think of the mother of the young priest, how she must feel:(

  2. Poor Nick. I understand his pain. Where mine are not all in front, I had a similar issue...and I was bottle fed.

    The pool. Love it. So wish we could put one in our backyard, but the HOA says no way. We had one in our last house in Illinois. My three oldest knew how to swim by the time they were in Kinder. Like swim laps swim. I am a BIG believer in knowing how to swim as in to save your life.

    Blackberries. My neighbor went berry picking over in Tyler, TX last Friday. She delivered tons of blueberries and some blackberries. Today I will be making pies, but I've never made a blackberry pie. Hers sure looks beautiful!!

    So...are you on fb? We need to hook up with Carol K and her family. I want to take a trip down. When I realized how close in location you are to Carol, I thought that it would be a fantastic idea to hook up!

    1. Hi Patty,

      We have a serious need for being around water. Maybe we should move close to the ocean and be finally settled. I like the kids to learn to swim young too. My oldest fell in the neighbor's pool when he was one, and just looked up, didn't reach for the side. Thank God I was close by! He learned to swim that year.

      Yes, I'm on Fb: Mary Haddox, friends with Carol so hopefully easy to find. We lived in the same neighborhood until we went country. :)

      I would love to be included in a meet up! We can do it here it at Carol's. I'm looking forward to it!