Monday, May 4, 2015

May is for Honoring Mary

May is my favorite month, and for more reasons than it's the end of school, Mothers day, our annual vacation and my and two of my girls' birthdays. It is because its the month we set aside to honor Our Blessed Mother Mary.

I have always been connected with my "Mother Mary". My mother had a devotion to Jesus' sweet mama which played a part in her conversion to the Catholic faith.

Since I was born in May, and since she labored all mothers day, she named me Mary in honor of the Blessed Mother.
I have treasured my connection with her. I  remember talking to Mother Mary as a child. During my teens years I drifted because I realized she was perfect and since I was definitely not perfect, I didn't deserve being her child, being close, being her namesake. Fortunately over time and studying the Immaculate Conception, praying and just receiving understanding through the Grace of God, I renewed my special bond through prayer and honoring Mary with the pregnancies and birth of my children, through Her Holy Motherhood. 

Motherhood changes everything about who we are as women, defines and creates and frees us. Our Blessed Mother  understands this most with the change in her life. This relatable experience helps to bond us mothers closer. I love teaching my children about their heavenly mother. She's there for them no matter how imperfect their earthly mother is. 

I'm sure in all the Church's wisdom it is no coincidence that May with all the beauty and spring flowers was dedicated for Mary, our Queen of Heaven. Crowning is a beautiful tradition I've enjoyed since childhood. I enjoy assisting the program for our parish kids and then also bring it home for my kids. We are working an creating an area for our outdoor statue to plant bulbs as we have done in our past yards.

The songs that honor Mary are beautiful and fun to sing with children. We have a woman's choir that lifted up these songs Sunday with angelic voices.

Some books I have found helpful to develop my understand and love for our Heavenly Mother:

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich 

The Imitation of Mary by Thomas A. Kempis

The Secret of the Rosary - St. Louis De Monfort

Past years at our parish:

(I can't believe how little they look).

An article I came across today about why some women wear veils to church.


  1. Your parish is wonderful. We will celebrate this Friday with the children to honor Mary with a crowning of flowers. I love the story about your name. Thanks for sharing that!