Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five Things We Love About Lilly

My baby turns 5 today!
This year for birthdays, I want to count the wonderful things that make up who my kids are and what I love about them most:

1. Lilly's easy going nature and ability to let disappointments roll off her back.

2. Lilly's inquisitive mind. Wants to know the whys and how's of everything! And wants to discuss topics with anyone and everyone. Her imagination to process all the knowledge she takes in is amazing.

3. Lilly's love for every living thing.

4. Her love and dedication to her family.
She tells us she loves us many times a day! She is my constant companion. She hates for me to go on errands without her, sends me off with a "hug and two kisses," and greets me with a hug as soon as I get home.
5. And we'll, she is adorable! She's a ray of sunshine all day, every day! A blessing from God! 

Happy 5th birthday Lilliana Rose! You fill every day with joy!!


  1. Hi Mary!
    Just found your blog and it's lovely. :-) A very happy birthday to Lilly and many many more! Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Welcome, Jill! I'm glad you stopped by!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Just love love love that photo of her with the chicken.

    1. I'll tell Lilly. :)
      She does like those chickens. I hope they stay receptive of her attention.

  3. Happy Birthday Lily:)
    (particularly love the picture with the chicken:)

  4. She is PRECIOUS! What a special gift :) Wishing her abundant birthday blessings!!

  5. Hey Lilly! "Hippo Birdie Two Ewe you little animal lover. ;)