Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sixteen things We Love About Nicholas

In honor of his birthday, (two months ago!) (which) still seems recent to me), I thought of 16 things we love and treasure about Nick and who he is...

1. Kind. In the dictionary, under kindness, there should be a picture of Nick.

2. Sense of and dedication to duty. If something needs to be done, it isn't "later, mom," he's already hopped up and headed toward the task.

3. I have never seen him loose his temper. 

4. For the child that didn't talk until three, he is busy thinking. He never chattered, he ponders and speaks when he feels he has something to say.

5. He likes to discuss the hard ethical and political concepts of the day.

6. Goodness of heart. I remember teaching about sins during first communion prep years ago and he just asked why would people want to offend God? The memory of trying to explain that there were bad actions and that people give into temptation to that sweet innocent child still brings tears to my eyes.

7. Duty to God in serving the altar. I know he'd like an occasional Sunday off to sit with us, but there is usually a server shy, they just look in his direction and he is on his way to get his alb. He trains the younger servers with gentleness. Just a nod or a twitch and those little boys follow him. He makes me wish we had more boys- but only in addition to who we have now!!

8. Duty to county in serving his community.

9. He loves a good story! To hear one and to tell one. He tells me that he loves to listen to his dad talk with his friends because their stories of their lives are so interesting! I'm happy he sees that in his teen years, and can soak it in now.

10. He loves Dr Pepper. It is his favorite treat and motivator.

11. His excellent memory. Maybe due to having had severe dyslexia, he's had to develop other talents and skills to survive. He has always tested off the chart in memory for his age. I hope it always serves him well.

12. His sense of humor and teasing. It's never cruel, it's from his honest point of view. Sometimes a nudge to straighten up our act. Sometimes just it highlight a memory of family culture. (I probably won't say why he gave me the nickname: Burning Bunny).

13. He has helped save me get out of messes I have gotten in over my head. Remember the demolition of the little house..? Well, I know he helped me through that ordeal of dangers: burning dumpsters an all. No project seems scary to me know after surviving that experience. 

14. He loves to tell stories from his experiences away from us. My heart hurts from the summer I sent him to the other side of Texas to a Boy Scout camp and he was homesick to the point of being sick. Parents who were there still shame me in the retelling. I didn't know! But this kids has gone on and had great adventures through scouting I wish I had: sailing in the Florida Keys (flying there with his brother), hiking on mountains of New Mexico and Texas, learning to scuba in a spring lake in west Texas, taking a train across the state, camping and hiking in torrential rains. I love to hear all the details of the hardship and how he coped.

15. No one is perfect and he has his faults. But in receiving correction, he handles it all with patience and humility. 

16. We are better people because of having Nick in our lives! 

Happy (belated) birthday son! 


  1. Awe! Beautiful, meaningful tribute to your amazing son! You have so many reasons to be so very proud of him. Birthday blessings to you son!

  2. Happy B'day to your Nick.
    Just smiling at your list of his virtues, he sounds so similar to our Xavier who has just turned 18