Friday, April 24, 2015

{Product Review} A New Saint Liturgical Coloring Book

We had the opportunity to review the month of May of the newly created color pages for saints of the year, all drawn by a darling young Catholic woman we have the opportunity to know, Mary MacArthur.

The drawings are very nice and include details to tell the story about the saints in the illustrations. Many saints we know, many we don't. It would be helpful to have verbiage about the saints included, but all have been an internet search away, and some I read about the saints while the kids colored. The details included are so thought provoking, all the kids asked for story details.

Like what was Saint Dunstan has to do with the devil and horseshoes. 

We were delighted to see Saint Athanatius, for whom our new parish hall will be named. We spent time learning about him this year as we studied Church History.

I especially love the images of the Blessed Mother. The Visitation is so sweet and tender. It is my favorite. The sets of halos are sweet and are a lesson in themselves.

After previewing May, I look forward to the whole year. I plan to buy the files to download which will be convenient for those days I can just look at the calendar and print off a page for the saint to study that day.

The price seemed a little high to me at first, until I realized there is a saint for the whole liturgical calendar, more than most saint books by far: over two hundred pages included!

The book is offered for sell by month or by the whole year. Buying information is here.


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