Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello! My name is Mary...

And I have a rearranging furniture addiction.

It's spring cleaning time, so even more of an excuse for me to try that bed over along that wall and wouldn't that table make more sense over there?... I do get the dust bunnies cleaned up in the process. 

I am visually-imaginationally challenged so that I cannot really see what a room will look like until after I have rearranged it.

I have let go of the furniture arrangement of my children's rooms giving them the creative freedom to adjust their furniture as the whim hits them. Why fight it?

 I remember moving my bedroom furniture around from an early age.
Since I was the youngest of four girls in a four bedroom house, my parents shared one of those, so I was bounced between my sisters' rooms until my mother, God bless her patient soul, allowed me to move to the dining room. The dining room furniture stayed, but I shoved  it all to a corner added my twin bed and beloved desk my father made for me and viola! I had my own room! Kind of anyways. I did have privacy, there was a pocket door to block the kitchen.

I do not know how my mother could stand losing her dining room, except to have peace and contentment from four teenage girls in the house! I thought I was all grown up being the only soul downstairs. I was a little frightened during those Alabama thunderstorms. 

We moved to Texas not long after.  I can't even remember how long I lived in the dining room. (It might have only been during moving transition.)

My parent designed the new Texas house and it included four very similar bedrooms all in a row. Wonder why! 

Our kids have been in our room and other rooms together from early on. We had the family bed, kid beds and bunk beds. Now they have settled to their rooms in our new house: the older girls have the "old house" master, the little girls have a nice sized bedroom to share, with separate and matching closets. Nick gets his own and Max stays in the under furnished guest room when he comes to visit.

I understand their energetic bursts when I open a door and see a whole new arrangement. It may spur paint changes, improvements and re appropriating decorations and small furniture items from else where in the house. It's an easy way to express themselves. 

I get it, because I do it. A lot.
The kids are used to it. My husband has thought he lived in one of old home redo reality shows that change your house while you're out, coming home to new paint, arrangements and sometimes furniture.  Sometimes I put it right back how it was, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. Sometimes it's seasonal. (ya know: Christmas tree). 

Anyone else suffer from this restless condition? Any cures?


  1. Another reason we get along so well! I was that kid, rearranging furniture in my bedroom. I can remember lying awake at night re-thinking my bedroom and then being up at the crack of dawn (much to my parents dismay---and later my roommate's) and rearranging things. It was also a way to get the room clean. We don't rearrange the furniture so much anymore, but whenever I feel I can justify it I get really excited. I do rearrange drawers, cabinets and closets a lot! :)