Monday, April 6, 2015

{Easter} A Blessed Day

Happy Easter!

Praying the masses and services through The Triduum is so fulfilling partly since the liturgy explains our Faith from the beginning:
A tour through salvation history, a walk with Christ through His Passion and the glorious experience of His resurrection.
For the Easter vigil I sat up front to take photos of six brand new Catholics as they came into the church. It was the first mass I have attended uninterrupted since I became a mother over 22 years ago! I enjoyed the view and smell of lilies from the altar.  It was glorious and at over three hours long, ending just before 1:30 am, it was a little hard. Nicholas served, and I have the benefit of following along the missal, I know what's coming up next, I know what the priest is reading since I have the English translation of the Latin. Those servers were up there without the tool of a missal and had to stand or kneel for such long periods, just following Father's subtle instructions. 
Thank an altar server! It's hard work. (The Easter bunny thanked Nick for his service!).

Starting with Creation, in the dark, it's a moving service.  
Craig helped by starting the Easter fires. Then we notice everything new/renewed. New candles, new altar clothes, holy water, Catholics. It's so symbolic and beautiful. I have so many thoughts and reflections of This week, but I'm tired today, and want to remember highlights. 

Christ Is Risen!
Welcome to all new Catholics!
Happy Baptism anniversary for Nick, 
Awesome way to celebrate!

We dropped into bed once we arrived home. Morning came early, and we still had lots of cooking to do.
We also heard sad news that my husband's great aunt had passed away early Easter morning. 

Eternal rest grant unto Peggy, O Lord.

And let the perpetual light shine upon her.
And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

She had been ill for a long time. My sisters offered words of peace with the perspective of what a glorious day to begin the journey to heaven. Some family didn't come to our house because of grief. Some still came. We prayed for her.

 We had a house full and I love when the house is buzzing with excited conversations. I didn't take any photos of all the pretty dishes and desserts we made, many we lovely, beautiful and delicious. When people starting congregating near the dessert table, we thought it was time for lunch/dinner feast.
People separated into smaller circles to eat at the tables I had spread around. It warms my heart for family to spend time together. 

After dinner, Lilly and Ceci started with the confetti eggs on the "big boys" (younger married men haha). Revenge will happen. It is fairly an easy clean up. I had help.
Time for the egg hunt, so I grabbed any standing around who weren't going to hunt, to go hide eggs. Since some of these were attacked with confetti eggs, they thought they'd take extra care in hiding the eggs, especially the prize eggs. We don't believe they found 60%, maybe the little critters will find them.

The hunt lasted much longer this year even with less eggs, but more ground to cover.

This was the first visit to our place for some and we enjoyed giving tours and walks. We were blessed with a fairly coolest and only occasionally sprinkles, when more rain had been predicted.

We also took lots of pictures to document the day. 


Ready set go...

Yes, I believe he did get comments about the color of the basket. No, he didn't care.


  1. Oh, Mary!!! I love the pictures in this. I just absolutely love how you captured (perfectly) the day, the guests, the joy, the memories. I want your front porch, too!!

    1. Thank you, Patty!! I kinda went overload on the photos, it is a good summary of our day.
      And the front porch is what really hooked me about this place!
      Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Easter week, Patty.

  2. Happy Easter. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Peggy. Will pray a divine mercy for her...right now! It is 3pm as I right this and I am listening to Relevant Radio!

    My fav. picture is that baby boy! Cute little guy.

    You have a beautiful porch.

    That egg confetti is something I never heard of!?

    1. Thank you for the prayers! Definitely appreciated. Craig's family is small, and Peggy never married, so more praying, the better! (funeral is Friday).

      The baby makes every celebration better. I can't believe how long the "line" is to hold him. He's a happy and small little guy. (brings back memories of 22 short years ago...)

      The confetti eggs are drained and colored and stuffed with colorful confetti, taped at the open end. Sometimes my kids add more decorations, then they just sit around looking like innocent decorations, and kids love to smash on each others’ heads.
      I have never made them myself, because I don’t think about it until we see a cartoon at the grocery, and a little one remembers to put in my basket.