Monday, April 20, 2015

Running Around ... Like a Chicken...

Kids activities, storms and animal projects. Busy, busy, busy.

We still have bluebonnets, most along the highways are gone, so come by if you need your photo fix for this year.
I tried another window cling on one of the old little house windows. Not completely happy yet, thinking of adding some black borders.
And we put blinds in utility room.

 We painted clouds on the girls' room ceiling.
The older girls are painting their bedroom and bathroom. They still disagreed on colors, but they compromised! They are about half way done. I am working on the guest room walls and hope to finish on rainy afternoon this week. 

I have been driving all over for the kids. 
We went to a Texas A &M Singing Cadet concert. We enjoy those, (except for all the insults to my alma mater- really! Did they see my hook'em horn signal? Not sure.) but the girls especially enjoyed the ten minute Frozen song compilation and dancing Olaf!
Pretty views along the way. While Nick drives for his practice for drivers test, I try to soak in the countryside and not be too critical of his driving.
I dropped Molly off for a Singing Cadet annual banquet with David.

We finished the fencing for the sheep. 
And happy to be done untangling fence post ties, for now.
A nice shady spot for the sheep:

So the next decision was: to work in the new chicken coop or garden fence? I really need the garden to grow outside, instead of my sunroom/bedroom. But with all the sun, and NO pests, the plants are thriving fine. 

The chicks on the other hand are thriving so well, they are growing out of their temporary home faster than we thought they would. 

Maybe it's from all the love and attention..
And hugs

So we choose to work on the new coop. 
Have I introduced you to my husband and his Go Big or Go Home philosophy ?

We had to move "my shed" out of the way. 

Now we have his and her sheds.
(Now I don't have to miss my old three car garage and Craig's shop). 
And bought some lumber. We are using what we can out of the little house.

Started on flooring frames for this 8 x 24' house.

It's a good father son project with mom and daughters helping support. 
But they are the planners and the muscle. 

We assist with moral support and cold drinks.
And entertainment.
And drilling in screws when needed
Just being the "hand me that.." Person. 

This will be the chickens' view:
Where we stop for now, back to real life of work, school and traveling:

So at the end of this work, I wanted to take a rest in the hammock, I found this intruder:

I treasure visiting with this sweetie:

Then the crazy rain storm brough 1" diameter hail and temps down in the 50's.

Back to school, looking forward to finishing history, religion for the school year and starting a low key logic discussion. 

Have a great week!


  1. You are busy! Painting, building, planting, animals...what a great life! I love all the building stuff together as a family.

  2. Always have lots of projects going:) So what's in your shed and his shed?

    1. Mostly stuff he doesn't want in his. :)

  3. Love all of this!! My favorite is your little sweetie hugging the chicken. So precious!