Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Marriage Crowning

I fell in love with the Byzantine Rite wedding ceremony of my best friends' son's wedding today. The vows, history and symbolism and blessings were beautiful and included instruction that would be so helpful to be included in every marriage vows.

BE EXALTED, O BRIDEGROOM, as Abraham; and be blessed as Isaac; and multiply like Jacob, walking in peace and keeping the commandments of God in righteousness. 

AND YOU, O BRIDE, may you be exalted as Sarah; be as happy as Rebekah; and multiply like Rachel, rejoicing in your husband and observing the prescriptions of the law, for such is the will of God.

 SYMBOL OF THE CROWNING: (from the wedding booklet)

The ceremony of the crowning is the most expressive part of the Ritual of Marriage, for here the mutual commitment of the couple is now raised to share in the life of the Holy Trinity -- "crowned in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The crowns are the sign of God's blessing on this couple, for it is truly God Who unites the husband and wife. 

Crown of royalty: in marriage, the husband and wife become a  king and queen of a new unit of society, a new family, a little church.

Crown of martyrdom: the word martyr really means witness; and so man and wife should give witness of God's undying love for them as they journey through life growing and suffering, rejoicing and loving.

Crown of the Kingdom: marriage is a living relationship, one that grows continually and only finds its fulfillment in the Kingdom of God. 

"They are sent forth to live as a reflection of God's love in this world."

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  1. Oh my goodness. Beautiful indeed. Powerful!