Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WWRW Beskow Picture Books

We were happy to find two Elsa Beskow books at the library that we hadn't seen before as these were translated just in the last few years.

We discovered Beskow years ago and bought all books translated at that point,  unavailable at library then, and happy to see Floris Books had more of this 1920's Swedish children's author to translate and reprint for us in English. Even better to find and read for free at the library! The books run around $18 each new. 

Some are whimsical and some are "weird" according to my 9 year old daughter. But she wants me to read them all over and over. I'm a fan of goblins, especially when they can behave well. 

I don't know much about the author, but she had an obvious love for the outdoors and flower gardens, incorporating fairies and magical places in her stories.

If the two new ones, we really enjoyed the journey of Kai and Kelly in The Land of Long Ago. 
My girls didn't like The Children of Hat Cottage as much (because the cottage burns down) but we used it for a lesson on fire safety. The story had a "happy" ending. I enjoy seeing childhood from a different time and culture from an author that loves children, which shows in her artwork.

I find a similar feel to stories as other Swedish author Maj Lindman (Snipp Snapp Snurr stories) and Dutch author Meindert DeJong (The Wheel on the School). 

Do you have any favorites from this region? Please share!

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  1. We like Elsa Beskow too but have never seen these! Have you read Mother Earth and Her Children? (not by Beskow but a similar feel)