Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Science Day at the HMNS

Field Trips Days! Our favorites. Lilly and I spend the day exploring the museums and surrounding parks, visiting with other moms and kids. 

If you are ever in Houston, you should make plans to see the Houston Museum of Natural Science Palentology  museum. You will not be disappointed.
If you can, arrange a docent tour, and we recommend Gary, a biologist at the museum.
We had an hour tour with him yesterday as part of our HMNS science day classes, and his enthusiasm for the museum and discovery was catching.

related to rolly pollys (who have gills!)

So much to learn, so much science is rediscovering and learning and trying to teach out there.

When I was a student, I don't remember being taught much about dinosaurs, I learned more as a parent, and in these 22 years of visiting museums, the information has changed so much as they discover more and have more specimens to compare. 

First time Inheard about plate tectonics in the 90's I thought hokey science when a low quality video showed the planets fitting together, but now they about presenting it as the plausible explanation of how species spread throughout the planet, with gaps and assumptions still. When you think how Kansas and Wyoming used to be a tropical shallow ocean environment based on fossils found, there is much to keep an open mind. None conflicts with our Faith. God is awesome and gave us a world to discover so intriguing, intelligent minds wouldn't get bored discovering the vast mysteries of His creation.

Now also interestingly different, dinosaurs are closer to birds, many with feathers, not cold blooded reptiles like long taught. It must shake the world of paleontologists to have to change everything written. School text books will be behind the times for years. We joked about how much more accurate Dinosaur Train is that most books over the years, because of recent findings. It's best to keep an open mind.

Another discussion we had with biologist Gary was the evolution of man. Gary does not believe we evolved from chimps. Controversial to many, but incredible how far they are coming in discoveries. They had a wall of apes/chimps/ Neanderthals, who evolved to used tools, communication and even wore beads in their hair. We talked about the struggle of scientists as they discover these early creatures and sorting based on what they can tell. We laughed at the variety in the world, and what if you only had one or two individuals to represent all of humanity for our time period. We like to think about and discuss the discoveries, more detailed every time we visit the museum, we were very fortunate to have Gary as our guide. He discussed the controversial topics with respect and an open mind, very inspirational for students in our tour.

Where do they draw the line, how far will DNA testing come? Nothing will disprove God and His work, so it's fascinating to see what answers science will find, I think sometimes they do get on the wrong road, but they keep looking and will get there, what answers we are to discover. We had a great conversations on our long drive home.

More Photos from past visits:

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