Monday, March 9, 2015

Rain Rain Rain Come Down Down Down

Raining for days. Raining hard.  Wonder how the clouds don't run out of water! It's hard on the road, washing away the dirt, but leaving the rock behind. It's still solid. 
It's good for the pond.

This rain felt like a spring shower. We went for a walk and the temperature was pleasantly in the mid 50's. 
The water was over the road, the creek was swollen beyond any normal boundary. The runoff from the street was causing new pathways to erode in the dirt. It's amazing to watch the power of water and what it leaves behind.
So much is already greening up. We are just a week away from the official start of spring! 
We already have an Indian Paintbrush wildflower! Bluebonnets and dewberries shouldn't be far now.


  1. Beautiful pictures. We are in the 50's here in Minnesota..and sunny! Snow is melting so fast. I really hope we have a nice spring. We will need some rain. Hardly any snow makes if very dry here.

  2. I just love this post, Mary. I do. I do. We have had that beautiful rain up here. Miss Ester volunteered to work at spring break horse camp. Oh the mud!!! I did not like that so much. ;) Hope your spring break (if you are taking one) has been relaxing.