Thursday, March 5, 2015

{phfr} Outside

We have contractors working on the inside the house, so we are taking advance of being outside while the weather is mild.
The electric company is working on clearing the areas around the lines, perfect excuse to walk around and see their progress.

The creek crosses at the bottom of the hill, and I'm happy they didn't try to cross it, instead they came up and around to get the other side.

Charging the house?
Not quite 300'?

All done, but they thought it was easier to leave the machine in place overnight. Maybe if they would leave it longer I could get them to trim all around the fence line?
{pretty and happy}

 Lilly's a funny girl, rather carry the boots than wear them on that rocky road.
They were all done and out early this morning.


  1. These pictures remind me of my oldest son when he was little. He would stand fascinated and transfixed whenever he saw "a big digger" (any large work truck) at work. Love the picture of your little girl carrying her boots!

  2. Great smiles on the girls...and puppy! Puppy is smiling!
    No shoes!
    It was -10 degrees this morning here in MN. Very cold day.
    This weekend we might get 30's and that will feel like a heatwave!

    1. I had that conversation with my kids: when its 20 or -10 can you tell the difference or is it just COLD?

  3. My son would have loved to see the tree trimming!!

    1. It is pretty amazing how much it gets done with that small spinning saw!

  4. Your property pics always make me smile