Monday, March 23, 2015

Day book: Passion Week

Outside My Window.... 
Rain saturated beauty. Everything is greening up in a beautiful spectrum of greens and yellows. We have had so much rain, it's hard to believe the clouds can hold any more water. 
Ceci and I went for our nature walk and were amazed at the swollen creeks. 
We dared to climb over one section on a downed tree, just to get to woods we couldn't penetrate.

I Am Thinking....about the pecking order of chickens. We have never had the chicks start pecking at this young age. We moved them to a larger brooder, but something is making them mean. The girls made separate living spaces for the injured and the most aggressive hoping that would help. I don't want to loose any while still in the brooder!

I Am Thankful....for my car. It is repaired and back in my possession. Running to Costco Thursday, as I pulled into a parking spot to straighten up, I heard a pop and suddenly couldn't steer and then discovered no brakes. Close call in nudging car in front, but all was good. 
It was pouring rain. Craig was still on airplane coming back in town. My two other drivers were with me, to help me shop and visit. So we waited for Craig to land.
I was thankful to be parking, not driving and in an accident when the hydraulic pump blew. 
Craig landed, was on his way, I called the dealer and a tow, both happy to help. Craig and tow truck got there together, rescued us as my car went to shop.
He suggested we get lunch before we shop. That's my husband, turning these situations into something enjoyable. The four of us had a great lunch, did our shopping and my car was ready Saturday morning, happy to be back in service. Thankful for God's protection.

I Am Praying for...Max to get everything clear for graduation, to do well in all his final course work, to find a good job, nearby if possible, and to feel at peace with his hard work over these college years. College stress is so manufactured compared to the real world. There is so much out of the student's control. The universities treat them as children and then don't do enough to help prepare for the workplace or find gainful employment. 
I'm so thankful that my almamater did, but sadly times have changed. With the gas price and supply overage the oil companies aren't hiring, so it's a stressful time to be looking for a job.

Also for Beverly, diagnosed with cancer this week and for two other friends fighting cancer, Lisa and Shelby. All moms of five or more children. 

For victims trapped in abusive relationships, and healing for those have been freed.

Persecuted Christians around the world.

am Cinderella. We went Saturday, just Lilly, Ceci and me. I really enjoyed it, I hadn't seen a trailer or advertising for it, so I went in with no expectations. I was happy to see two Downton stars in it: Rose and Daisy.
I thought is was the best Cinderella I have seen. The costumes, location and sets were beautiful. The story concentrated on having courage and striving to be kind, sticking to promises and commitments. Also having forgiveness showed very good Christian values. It stuck to the classic animated Disney version framework but the animals didn't talk and butterflies didn't make the dress. Mice helped. The mice were pretty cute. But there was more story development. We saw her happy childhood when her parents were alive. Also nice, Cinderella and the prince met before the ball, showing he liked her for more than her beauty.

I'm such a bad mom that Lilly didn't know the story! So she was in the edge of her seat, thoroughly enjoying herself! "What's going to happen next?!"
Cinderella's dress for the ball was so beautiful. The dance moves were lovely and I wished Nick and Euly could have seen the dance ( since they've been working on a waltz).
It was surprisingly fun, and Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely beautiful as the fairy Godmother. Go see it. It's nice when there is a beautiful movie like this to see in theatersand it teaches beautiful behavior.

I Am Reading....Swallowdale

I Am Learning....that the romanticized idea of hearing rain in a metal roof will actually keep you up at night. Granted, we've had what Nick calls "angry rain." Raining sooo hard, like someone/angel turned the faucet on high, then turned it up some more. I am seriously thinking of getting a rain barrel. My baby garden would love some rain water.

Around The House....we still have lots of areas to paint, but I am happy with the main areas that our painter did. I'm happy with Cecila's room, she helped paint. We just need to add clouds to the ceiling. Euly painted her vanity, still a few touches to add in there, light fixture and medicine cabinet (out of little house).Nick painted his room. All bold and dramatic colors, but they love it, so I'm content.
I'll post pictures soon.

I Am Pondering....rain. How much can fall?! The ground is a sponge. The road is back being a problem, since a spring popped up in the middle and makes a perpetual pit.

We fixed the fence openings last week, but the creek crossing still have escape routes for gromit. In the middle of running errands Tuesday I got a call from a neighbor that she had him. My number is on his collar, since he escapes so much. He was lucky to live through the visits as they have guardian dogs trained to protect their show goats. Trained to kill any intruders!! Scary. Dumb dog.
Funny thing, the husband helped build our house and helped answer some of our questions. We're slowly meeting the neighbors on the street. All have stories of the colorful nature of the previous owners. Not bad, but very colorful.

Few Plans For This day at museum, schoolwork, Mid Summer Night Play practice, need to get rock for road, plan menu for Easter, share with my sisters and mom. Grounds clean up, if we get a break from rain, we need to mow! 


  1. Do love reading your daybooks:) Had to smile about Lily not knowing Cinderella, whilst my younger ones do there are many other situations that I have where I realise with horror "my older children did/know etc and younger children don't'

  2. Look at your little garden! Very nice!

    Rain Rain go away...come up to Minnesota!

    The weather-person keeps saying we might have a bad drought this year. Really stinks for all the farmers.

    Hope your college son gets a job! I totally agree with the "close" part. I am hoping my children are close to me also.

    Thanks for the Cinderella review! It does look good!

    1. Rainy years are better, for sure! It makes me realize how bad our drought was. Everything is so green! <3