Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{Counting Gifts} Catching up Gratitude list

Deciding to have the hall repaired, and how much pressure it took off Craig.

Max and Craig planning pool sure snd other future projects. Dreams! 

The dogs to keep Lilly company.

Sisters singing Star Wars songs together.

Spring surprises growing everywhere, especially finding bluebonnets  by the pond.

Thankful that when my hydrolic pump decided to burst. I was pulling in to a parking space and not while driving and that it was a day my husband just came back to town, and I was in the route home from the airport. I had my two big kids to spend the time.
Best of worst situation. And my husband takes all the stress and worry away.

Ready to be planted outside

Quietly and peacefully swinging

Late night dinner with my "big sister."

Running into miss Joan
"Does Ceci still carry a purse?" Lol


Little church in Hempstead

Making it through teen hormone mood swings intact.

Sheetrock complete! Like new.

Craig running to store for ice and Popsicles for a sick little Lilly.

Lilly's intensity and dedication at wii

Ceci and the handmade handkerchief misunderstanding fiasco.

"After this next car...." Backseat driving help from Lilly to Nick.

Finding an Evening confession and mass.

Oh Lilly, your expressions.

Feeling blessed and fulfilled.

The big fire was under control. The other was contained. Deo gratias.

Spotting armadillo by creek and excitement it brought on.

Receiving season greeting cards from Aunt Carolyn in the mail with her signature "Love ya."

Nick and Euly practicing their dance moves.

Ceci practicing her Hermia lines with me.

Stupid insomnia
Beautiful sunrise to get my tired bones up.

Nick getting  unsolicited (and unnecessary) but still valid, dating advice from checker at Walmart.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming moment.

Sooooo thankful for our home.

Petrified wood finds.

Giving Molly space and our trust.

Sharing life with my kids.

Childhood imagination.

Our bed is big enough to welcome ones who need a safe place to rest after a bad dream.

"Why does it smell like dirt in here?"
Started the garden with planting seeds.

Started my Lenten reading early.

Replacing Molly's mantilla after it was destroyed falling out the car after late night adoration.

Ordering the very last Cradle to cross wreath. 

Getting rid of half of Ceci's clothes.  Now her drawers can clothes #handmedownoverload

Getting rid of half the Barbies 
De junking with the girls help!

Luxurious HOV lane all to ourselves.
No guilt passing all those stopped cars.

Molly getting up every morning for her commute to class.

Kitty warming my toes, dog walks by, she doesn't even flinch. Finally acts like she belongs.

Tractor and projects we completed together.

Shop vac.


Ceci's reading improving.
Her efforts are paying off!

Praying for friends.

"Could always be worse."

Trying to keep above water in this culture:
Things have always been hard for those who follow Christ.

Max- his tests, final semester push.

Cleaning up future garden. Removing boulders. Evicting the ants

Green tea supplements, great for watching appetite. Bad for sleep. Placebo effects?

Outlet mall salesmen offering Nick a job ..a few years away, 

Loving a day spent at home.

Taking school a bit more seriously.

Middle kids being who they are going to be, great friends, future leaders.

Catholic homeschoolers dance. 

Dodging a bullet.

One showing her she's worth the effort.

Molly's kind heart

Moved wii. Exercised

Always sweetness by my side

Ceci's first sleep over with Irlan.

Goofy dog..Loves us..But won't give me eye contact 

Date night.

"Pretend the limo and truck are in love "

Commitment restart.
Diet restart.
Walking restart.

Finding paper work I needed.
Still have a few lost items from move. But feeling more organized.

Father's mothers party went well.
Deemed a "success" :)

Pax Rustica inspiring others

Sweet emails from Miss Betty.

Phone calls from Dd.

Christmas gifts a month late.

Notes from Molly found in the morning. 

Go fish at bedtime,
Go fish in the morning,
Lilly is getting the hang of it.

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