Saturday, February 14, 2015

Their First Cotillion Ball

I hope they have many more experiences like this.
We spied an email in the homeschool group back before Christmas about Etiquette and Dance classes ending with a Dinner and a Ball. 
Nick and Euly love to dance, and asked if the classes could be part of their Christmas presents. Good idea, I thought! They asked their cousin to join them since we now are practically neighbors. :)
We started in January and the Cotillion was held last night for St. Valentine's Day weekend.
They had so much fun.
They enjoyed the introduction and walk through a sabre arch by volunteers from nearby Texas A&M. The dinner was wonderful, according to Nick, and Euly enjoyed the dessert. Quite a treat.

Let's all go!
They clean up quite prettily/handsomely!

Euly recommended Nick bring something for his "date." Nick thought a rose might be a nice touch. They didn't know who beforehand, they were to be matched up with a partner to escort in under the Arch, after being introduced, then to have the first and last dance with this partner. Otherwise, all other dances were open with others in attendance. 

Waiting to see who their partners are and when they get to start the evening.

and then I left. I hope to get more photos from my sister and photographer there and I will update when I get them,
They had a great time, talking of learning new dances, enjoying their time with other teens.

If you have the opportunity, I recommend the experience.

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