Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chop and Burn Daybook

Outside my's a warm, beautiful 75 degree May February day.

At the little old country church we visited for the Catholc teen dance.

I am thinking... about what a busy weekend this has been, starting in College Station Thursday for the kids' last Cotillion practice, then a visit to A&M and dinner and visit with my niece and nephew to see where Molly might live next year and meeting of potential roommates.  Ceci had a sleep over at a friend's and we worked on some demolishing of little house while trying to save wood floors. Craig's brother came over Saturday and we took lunch outside to him and they had some shooting practice.

Then off to a dance for the teens. A room full of young Catholics line dancing, two step, waltz - what fun! I saw Euly and JP dancing the Cha Cha. They all did well in the dance competition and dance games, so proud of their progress and social skills. ;)

My nephew spent part of the weekend with us. Then Mass, Ccd, dropped my nephew off, then his brother came over with a college friend to visit with Molly chop wood. 
It's been a blur. Not sure how many cumulative miles have been added to our cars.
A good blur ...but wow!! I need a Monday with only school on the schedule.
getting in some target practice while Uncle Kyle was visiting

I am praying for..Christians in the world and those who have forgotten to Whom they belong.

I am thankful...for family and good friends, a busy love filled life with a husband and kids who still need me.

In the kitchen...Molly made yummy taco salad and added fresh cut corn, onion and beans to her taco meat. Spring mix as the salad base with guacamole and cheese to top it off.

I am wondering...why the kitty thinks she needs to hang out with me with Ceci is gone.

I am reading...Nightbirds of Nantucket by Joan Aiken. It was good, buuuut in the later chapters some unrealistic conjecturing by the bad guys and gullibility of good guys had my kids up in arms. It inspired a lively conversation, but really? Anybody read it? Blowing of Nantucket into New York harbor...really?

It was more fun read than our Church History chapters on the middle ages conversion to Catholicism of the Slavic people.  Now I'm sure it had to be an exciting time with Otto the Great and King Olaf but this was the driest chapter yet. It's seems so hard for some to bring these periods to life, and it shouldn't be. I might have them reread some Leif Ericson and see what else to add a story to it.

We are also reading through their lines to a condensed version of Mid Summer's Night Dream my friends putting together for our kids. We only have ten actors doing many parts. Lilly takes ownership of her script seriously for her parts as fairy Queen Titania and Hypolita. (She can't read yet, but wants her own script!). She will repeat lines, not sure how much is getting in there permanent like yet.
They all need to spend more time memorizing.

Lil: Is this my script!?
I am watching..nothing in a long while. I am looking forward to watching Downton's episode for this week once opens up the link (usually early hours the Monday following Sunday's episode).

I am listening to...the kids planned and recreated a news show with the goal of it being as boring and monotone as they can make it (amid their giggles). Nick was the tv anchor, Euly Co Anchor, Ceci with traffic and JP was weather and on the spot breaking news reporter utilizing various aliases and accents. One whole tv episode was all about coffee and the need of Americans to drink it and what happens to news, weather and traffic when there is a shortage. Funny kids!

I am remember the little things. I whistle to get the dogs' to come, Lilly can't whistle, so she screams their name in this high pitched call, higher than my whistle, and they come running. (Only aloud outdoors when we are really looking for dogs...else eardrums may burst!).

I am looking forward to...hearing all about Ceci's first sleep over with our old neighbors. She was nervous at first, but you wouldn't know it when I dropped her off.

They promised they wouldn't stay up toooo late.

Our friend introduced me to the other moms as her favorite neighbor that abandoned them. :(
I do miss having their kids just down the street to get together. We just have to plan it intentionally now.

I am remove nails from 70+year old floorboard. The two big rooms done, one to go!

Hammering those nails back out is a lot trickier than I thought, 'cause my husband makes it look so easy.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...
Source: Catholic Sistas

A few plans for the rest of the week...Finance Council meeting, Science, visits, Cotillion Dinner & Ball, shopping for ball, and Nick's birthday next weekend. I want to make some time to make some Valentines crafts. Somehow we usually skip this holiday, but I want to put some intentional sweetness and love in our lives this week. (Especially since Lent begins the following week!)

A peek into my day...I took my camera when I went to check on the boys and the progress they were making chopping wood.

last week's gate from the other angle.

Lilly's feelings were hurt over something and she went running off in the woods, she had a concerned sister (and two dogs) hot on her trail. They brought her back smiling.

tiny pretty flower

The trees are already budding out!

Apparently the long winter weather predicting  groundhog doesn't live around here.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


  1. Love the pictures of your bush:) and your building. Our boys are keen on line dancing too.

  2. Love the pictures and the peek into your life! Missing you guys!

    1. Hoping to see you all soon, Carol!

  3. Your pictures do not disappoint. You have a really good eye for capturing simple things. My fav is the kitty cat.

    That looks like a lot of work splitting wood. We did buy a wood splitter just to save Brians back. Not that it cannot be done...just a lot of work!

    Looks like summer in TX! We get snow tomorrow!

    1. A log splitter sounds like a great tool to have. I think one has to be in the plan for the future, but as long as he can get these high school and college boys here working, I think Craig might wait a bit longer. ;)
      I do like all these sunny days! With all the wood split, I do hope we have some cold/cooler says to enjoy a fire again this "winter."