Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At the Zoo: A little visit to see our fav's

This science day, after the big kids went to class, Lilly and I decided to skip the museum and walk over to the zoo.

We always have different favorite animals on our visits. Today Lilly decided she was going to love the meerkats (on the way over) since her siblings we talking about their adorableness.

I likes this crazy cartoony looking guy.
And this tomato frog, isn't he the cutest?
Lilly really liked the Komodo Dragon 
and I liked the thick wall between them.

She was also a little happy to see the giraffes.

But these Ankole Cattle had her talking about those big old horns for the rest of the day.

Lilly has a birthday month and year twin with Bailey, the four year old elephant, and we always stop by to say hey.

Lilly wanted me to ride the carousel with her. We were surrounded by other moms, all with little babies. It is strange how quickly time flies. Wasn't I just one of those? But no, I could hop on the seal next to her panda and race around the carousel. I am enjoying this phase of motherhood, having my youngest be mostly independent (for a 4 year old).

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