Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Little Long, A Little Messy and a Sweet, Sweet 16 year Old Son'sBirthday Daybook

Outside my everywhere I look!


See the butterfuy?
a Clouded Sulphur
 according to this identification website

I am thinking...young love is sweet and exciting and I have learned to trust my children and their choices of friends.

I am praying for..conversions of sinners, conversions of non believers, reunion of the faithful into the one, holy, catholic, apostolic church.

I am thankful...that my kids talk to me about life, their experiences, opinions and dreams. Life is good.

In the kitchen...we still have some these. 
Come eat them for me, quick, before Wednesday.

I am creating...Our garden.
We cleared rocks and stumps from future gardens plot.
We planted seeds of a variety of veggies.
When we have other projects done,
we will build the  gate and fence.

I am sign the kids up for four more weeks of dance classes and another teen dance. Might as well learn while they are excited to try new dances. As much as they dance now, I should be able to use as a PE dance credit.

I am reading...
John Treegate's Musket
Peter Treegate started in Boston, spent some time at see and with an interesting Scotsman in South Carolina. We enjoyed this read aloud, maybe meant for a younger set but we enjoyed reading Wibberly's book knowing we have many more of his to look forward to. It corresponded with this time period in our Teaching Company High school American history.

Thinking of reading a short book on Ethan Allen by Stewart Holbrook, then Captain Courageous and assigning A Spy in Williamsburg.

For kids Lenten reading:
I have for me:
Four Witnesses  by Rod Bennett in my Lenten reading basket, but had time last night to read and started reading about Saint Clement of Rome and couldn't put it down. I love learning about this time period of the Early Church. This book is easy to read, run to keep reading and get lost in and learn from Bible references and other supporting books. 

I am watching...
Little House on the Prairie. We finished season 2. Now we have to wait because we don't have season three yet.
Lilly has Frozen on right now, lounging up against me.
We watched School House Rock for a grammar and multiplication refresher to lighten the mood for school. 
Craig and I watched Catching Fire and he and Nick watched Fury.

I am listening to...
Lilly and Ceci play dress up. 
They found old shears for curtains, draped around themselvs and walk into rooms loudly introducing themselves or taking turns with intros:
"Here is Cecilia Marie..."
"Here is Lilliana Rose..."

I am hoping...
bringing a tv into my room and dusting off the wii will get my rear in gear and in shape. I love the wii but never saw big results in the past. I saw results from walking, something I can't seem get in routine here. The girls love to do it with me.

I am looking forward to...Easter. We always host my family SO that means I have to get a lot of work done around here: little house removal, fence repair, spring clean up, Sheetrock contracted, paint colors selected... Gotta get busy!

I am little I know! 

I am pondering...
Euly and the reality she is old enough to go to a cotillion and have her sisters help primp over her. See post here.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...from the prayers for Ash Wednesday Mass:

Let us pray.
O God, who desirest not the death, but the repentance of sinners : graciously regard the frailty of human nature; and in thy goodness vouchsafe to bless
 these ashes, which we purpose to put upon our heads in token of our lowliness and to obtain forgiveness : so that, as we know ourselves to be but ashes, and on account of our guilt, doomed to return to dust we may deserve to obtain of thy mercy the pardon of all our sins and the rewards promised to the penitent. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

One of my favorite things...our Sunday tradition: up early for Mass, Ccd, lunch out, relaxing the rest of the day. Today is Nick's birthday and he wanted key lime pie for desert. Yum. I didn't have time to make one, so we picked up a delicious pie from Pappadeaux. 

Adding other things, wanting to focus on family prayer life and developing habit of spiritual reading.

Something that made me laugh, chuckle..mommy parody videos and her blog.

A peek into my Saturday...
the deadline to meet the insurance company's demand that we remove the little house, we made some mad progress this weekend.
To answer the question of whether we really needed to get rid of it:
Yes, rotten wood in places we would have never seen until problems were unfix able.
It is sad to see it go, but it needs to go, so we are making progress with it.
Craig was sad to see that it hadn't been that long since it received a new roof, but it had every layer of every previous roof making it sag. If there is a job, especially as big as a new roof, do it right.

Oh well, so long little house.
Hopefully the next post you see with the little house is an open space (Since I have to give that to the insurance company) and the dumpster leaving full of old house stuffs.
We saved lots of materials to find new life in an other project.

What it looked like at 9:00 am, after removing the big windows for easier access to final junk removal.

The guys trying to save wood floor, but this room was unsave-able, too badly damaged from either excessive water or excessive dryness.
At about 1:00 pm
It reminded me of the view into a doll's house.
A little progress at 3:30

About quitting time at 5:30
 we are sorting what can be burned, to what needs to go to the dumpster.
We have been thinking of tornado, hurricane and fire victims all day.

So instead of me saying goodbye after making you look at our mess of a little house, 
I will leave you with the view of these beautiful, feisty, and very funny girls:

Have a great week and happy/successful start to the Lenten Season!


  1. Happy birthday to your son! 16!

    The little house removal seemed like a huge huge job to me. Y'all look like professionals!

    1. Thanks Patty! I will pass your birthday greeting to Nick.
      I'm glad the photos made us look good, haha, we just do what my husband tells us to do, since he's implemented de-construction projects over the years for "fun". His career is in the construction equipment end of things, it's probably fun to work in reverse.

  2. Love your 'I am thinking':) and ditto
    laughed and laughed at the video (and found another by them Let it Go)
    smiled and smiled at the pics of all working together to pull the little house down, and thanks for explaining why it had to go, did wonder.
    Really enjoying your blog:)

    1. Thank you, Erin. I really enjoy your comments!
      We had hoped we could save the little house and called it "Nick's house" for my son to restore and live in in future, but we had insurance inspectors (new experience) and they gave us 90 days to remove because it was a potential danger. Yeah, it was missing floors and had holes in roof, wasps everywhere, ... but until we started taking it apart, we didn't agree that it was too far to save. We are resolved (if we don't think about it too much).
      We have saved doors, windows, hardware, handles and lots of wood for future projects to keep its memory. ;)

  3. That is too bad the "little house" was in such bad repair. It looks really cute. What a job getting that out of the way!

    Little heart dress is very cute!