Monday, February 2, 2015

A Day in the Life Daybook

 Outside My Window.... today is sunny, blue skies with a very cold, biting wind.

I Am Thinking....about our wonderful weekend celebrating the sacramental marriage of my nephew and new niece!

I Am Thankful....for my marriage and my husband.

The girls are Wearing....Lilly's coon skin cap from the Alamo.

I am praying for...lots of special intentions.

I Am visit with my mother in law, mom and Aunt hopefully for a few days.

I Am Reading....I've had Downright Dencey on my shelf, never read. We are studying colonial life in history and I grabbed it for a quick read aloud. While I assigned books for them to read on their own. (Madeleine Takes Command- another great Bethlehem book).

I wasn't expected to read a romance book. The story gives a good glimpse in daily life, social structure and religious customs and mores in life of Quakers on Nantucket around the time of the War of 1812.

So it's a little strange and kinda funny to read a historical fiction that turns into a romance book. The deeply woven fabric of the Quaker faith is a lesson in itself and the daily life of New England's, specifically Nantucket's, in this early 1800's sailing culture and whaling economy.

There are situations to raise the questions to discuss if ever the ends justify the means, and how the answer is no even ifs it's a hard discussion. The young heroine of our story told a lie and stole against her conscience and family to do something she was compelled to do. (She repented, so don't let hat stop you from reason it.) I am glad we read it together to have more discussion topics.

We enjoyed the story, I heard "read more" at the end of each chapter. It was well written and the characters stay with you when the book is put down.  but I'm not sure it will go in the essential pile of ones to be sure I read to each child. Maybe ones they can read when old enough. 

It was written in 1927 by an author we have enjoyed, Caroline Snedeker covering ancient worlds in books like
And my favorite Luke's Quest.

Now we have started reading Aiken's Nightbirds of Nantucket. So far so good.
We jumped into this series at #3, the part it goes along with Nantucket and whaling..

I am reading Louis De Wohl's The Last Crusader for myself. A very good read enriched with Catholicism and what's even more interesting, it's
 a true story of Don Juan of Austria, the illegitimate brother of King Philip of Spain.

In The Kitchen....We must be in Mardi Gras frame of mind, preparing to rid the house of sweets and sweet makings for Lent, because we don't usually have an abundance of sweets: Apple pie (Molly) and brownies (Nick).  Craig made his dad's cinnamon rolls out of left over dough. (Not pictured cause they went fast!).

A Favorite Quote For The Day....

Around The House....we have some dead trees on the property and Craig downed many in the "clearing." We are working on naming the areas on the property so we know where we mean when we say meet me the the clearing, because we met in different clearings.
I like a clandestine name like Secret Clearing, because it is deep in the property, unseen by the road. The other clearing hopefully can be named something something orchard if we ever get trees planned and planted.

Have a great week!


  1. I do enjoy reading your daybooks:) Love reading of another large family hsing in the country on the other side of the world

  2. Living here in feel like the other side of the world to me too! It is snowing today! Actually really pretty.
    I probably say this every single time...but your pictures are great.awesome.COOL..especially puppy-dog in the water.

    1. Thank you Christine! We are in other worlds with your ice skating on iced waterways and we panic at 39 degrees. Maybe it won't seem so in the spring.

  3. The second to last picture....LOVE!!!

    1. Thanks Patty. I love that gate left over from split rail fence. The girls always go through instead of around when we pass that way.

  4. Mary, I've enjoyed visiting you blog and seeing all your photos. Great job!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit, Allison!