Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nick Soars....

Nick is an Eagle Scout!

Many people tell me they can't support the scouts because of the stance the BSA has publicly taken in the recent years. I have to say from my and my boys' experience, we have no personal experience of that political position hurting or changing our troop. We have a great Troop of volunteers, moms and dads, older brothers, priests and community leaders, who help form these young men. I have been fortunate to serve as treasurer of our troop and on the committee and attend boys Board of Reviews, and I am so proud of these scouts as the achieve their goals. It isn't a race or competition, so they support each other through their triumphs.

My favorite aspect is to see the boys grow from being these little guys, 11 years old, shy, quiet  and because they have opportunities for public speaking, real life experiences with survival and leadership adventures they will remember a lifetime, they mature into fine young men.

Before his first meeting:

 One of his first court of honor's he had to lead:

Before his Eagle Court of Honor:

Our Eagle Court of Honor was with two other boys from the Troop. Their parents were wonderful to work with, one dad was exceptional at putting together the program and script, with a slide show of their scouting highlights to wrap up the ceremony.
The ceremony was well rounded, with Father mentioning vocations, the military represented by Marines to inspiring patriotism and good citizenship, appreciation of parents' sacrifice by awarding pins to mom and dad, choosing of a mentor. One of our Scott ended the ceremony by playing Taps.

Our priest, Father Van Vliet, came to give the Invocation Prayer. 

Scouts from the Troop lighting the Red, White and blue candles of our American flag.

Making the Oath of Eagle
Always a special moment, pinning the Eagle pin on Nick, and he giving Craig and me the dad and mom pins.

Since Max was in scouting before Nicholas, Nick was inspired 
by Max's scouting activities and added to the reasons Nick wanted to be a scout. Nick gave Max the Mentor pin. Sweet brother moment!!

The Marine Representatives gave the Eagles Good Citizenship certificates.


  1. Congrats to Nick AND his parents. Sounds like he had a wonderful experience.

  2. This is an AMAZING accomplishment!! Way to go!!