Monday, January 19, 2015

[Nature Walk} Nature Journal - January

Nature Journal Walk
January 19, 2015 2:00 pm
By creek entrance from the north, south side of northern clearing.
Clear skies, 70 degrees, slightly windy.
A perfect day to break out the journalling and to have an excuse to move school outdoors.

Some"one" has been snacking on these nuts.

but today they were all dried and brittle:

The kids all have their own style of journalling.
Ceci was using water from the creek to use with the watercolors for her journal entry.

 It's funny when Lilly is squeamish and when she is bold. She grabbed this frog out of the water. It seemed alive, just too cold to move.

It will be nice to see the difference a few months make with spring filling out the leaves.

Reminds me of that old picutre book,
"When I go for a walk in the forest..."
I love the freedom they  have to explore and appreciate the world God has made.


  1. You really take nice pictures! It looks like summer with all the sun!
    We had a cloudy day today but warm..34 degrees! The snow is melting!
    The kids and I played on the pond again.
    I love anything art.
    Did you know I have an Art Education degree?
    Wish I could be there painting with the kiddos! Too cold to paint outside here.

    1. Gosh, Christine, I really wish we could be neighbors and you could teach my kids some art. I usually let them soak it in and put what they can down in their journals. We love nature. And sunshine. My degree was accounting, not as interesting a subject to teach.
      Glad you have some warm(er) temps, unless you hate to see the snow melt...?